Fun tourney…wish more people could have made it out. Same amount as last time, 12 peeps.

3S results

  1. Tony “#1 stunner” Defily - Shotos
  2. Domingo “Nigga D” Ayala - Ryu
  3. Scott “ajora” Hori - Yang
  4. Jim “shin hugo” LaPointe - Hugo/Alex
    Kris “unknown/entity” Wals
    Arshie ??? (don’t have your last name)

Tony beat D 3-0 in winners finals, D beat Scott (correct me if I’m wrong) 3-0 in losers finals. Tony swept D 4-0 in finals.

ST results

  1. Tony “I only need fireballs and uppers to win” Defily - Ryu
  2. Jim “Blanka bite is too good” LaPointe - Blanka
  3. Derrick ??? (don’t have last name) - Honda
  4. Victor ??? (don’t have last name) - Chun
  5. Kris Wals / Scott Hori
  6. Domingo “I thought I knew how to play ST” Ayala

Tony beat Jim 3-0 in winners finals, Jim beat Derrick 3-0 in losers finals, Tony beat Jim 4-3 in winners finals.

***** I want to give people apex for ST, but I need names!! I am missing these peoples last names!! Please post them here or pm me. Thanks.*****


Shoto whores. Good shit Tony I thought you had a pretty good Ryu in Omaha. What happened Jim? No Hammer Frenzy?

peace out
Super Me

wow fun as hell

d vs me was 3-1… :stuck_out_tongue:

its arshia mesgarzadeh, or just plan arsh, thats what i call him anyway

thanks to eric (spelling?) for letting me and arsh come over to his place to chill… i didnt get a chance to say thanx to ya. good seeing everybody, gotta do that shit again haha



I would just like to vote in advance for Turtles tournament fighters as a side tourney for Jims next Tournament. My shredder is unstoppable!

I wish i was there…great shit to tony who all of a sudden decides to post again

I would vote turtles also, but the super meter in that game is broken. I think we should do something different for the next side tourney…maybe puzzle fighter or something. We’ll see.

:evil:when’s the next tourney & which games?