3v3 Battle in Ultra Street Fighter IV - Possibilities?


The announcement that the game would allow for 3v3, KoF style team matches was **very exciting **to hear. If I rememer correctly it was stated that each character would have to be controlled by a player, and it would go down online.

My question for you guys are the following:

  • IS there any evidence to support that the game will allow 3v3 between two players only, exactly like KoF?

  • How will this affect tournaments?**

and just out of curiosity

  • What 3v3 team is perfect* for you?***

The reason I ask is because if 3v3 between two people is allowed I’m fairly confident that it will become the norm and will attract a LOT of players. It basically adds a lot of variety to the game while making previously non-viable characters useful as part of a team. You can play your Gief all the way to the title if you have a Sagat counter in your team, for instance.

In fact, I foresee USFIV tournaments having parallel competitions for single and team battles, and Im preeeeeeeeetty sure that the team battles will be more hype than the single ones, simply because as it stands, matchups are quite predictable.

This piece of news got me tremendously excited and if you’re anything like me, you might have been having fun wondering what teams you’d like to build.

If Capcom makes it strictly an on-line affair, I wouldn’t be surprised as lack of foresight and overall idiocy are a hallmark of their company.

Ah, and just to get the ball rolling, I’m looking at Dan/Vega/Guy and/or Dan/Dee Jay/ Vega :slight_smile:


Probably something like Cammy / Guile / Honda - start offensive and work my way to a zoner then pure stonewall turtle style (and my main) at the end after they are worn down. With 3 characters it’s pretty hard to build a team that has no bad matchups.


I don’t know if team building will be that important for this mode.
Remember the only thing affected is how much life you start with.

I’ll just play the 3 characters I know the best.


Will also help to not have, say, three 4-6s to the same character. Would be cool if there were more interaction.

My personal team will be X/Makoto/Vega. Just not sure who that X is. If anyone has a suggestion, I’ll hear it.

Mostly, though, gunna be two friends and I passing the stick, so friend one as The Shittiest Fei, friend two as Juri and myself as Vega. Mostly. Probably.

We already pass the stick doing ranked and shit, so this will be fun.

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Really hoping they’ll add this for 2 players and incl. ranked matches.

My team would be Fei Long, Ibuki and Sagat or E.Ryu.


I really hope meter can be passed to the next characters. I can see stuff like anchor Gen and point Yun being things.


Elena will be OP in 3v3.

About to die, activate healing, win -> full health next match.


I think passing on meter is a phenomenal idea that makes the order also important, and that’s pretty cool.


Healing has already been nerfed (look at Capcom Cup changes), it is going to be pretty shitty and I think most Elena’s will go for Brave Dance or maybe W. Few are going to bother with solo healing.


3v3 where every character is played by a different player is very fun if you play with multiple friends, however online it is too much of a hassle to get 6 people, finding team games in AE almost impossible so i foresse the same problem with this. However like you said 3v3 for 2 players would be great. I personally would really like it if it is played at tournaments but not as a main event for USFIV, more of a side event. Game is still mainly designed around it being a 1v1 fg.

Anyway it’s pretty obvious bcause of my sig but i would play Guy, Cody and Yun. USFIV does need something else to excite people asie from boring gameplay mechanics such as dwu and redfocus an minor changes to characters. This might be it. I for one would play it alot, and yes i would like to see meter transferred(not Ultra) to next character. Also wondering if like in KOF if you finish a round fast you get (more) health back. Maybe that is a bit too obvious of a ripoff but whatever lol


I think one of my teams would be Sagat/Ryu/Honda or Rolento or maybe Guile, and yeah I would love it if it was made with 2 players in mind like in KoF or Tekken’s team battles


Not really sure who I’d run. Definitely thinking it’ll be something like Rolento/Bison/Yun

Rolento could run through a good portion of a team on his own, I feel. Bison would be a good battery, since he likes meter for escape options, but doesn’t rely heavily on it. Yun starting out with Genei Jin will be godlike, and I’m sure he could run it back against 3 other characters if your first 2 got bopped.

I think they’d have to, considering how the ultra mechanic works. Unless they removed ultra in this mode (which would give me even more incentive to play it).


Pick whoever the top 3 on the tier list are.


Well for this game it would be Akuma, Cammy, and Fei. However they have nothing in common in terms of their personality/story. In KOF people also pick whoever they like, but there are also set teams that go well together. Here are some trios that I think make sense.

Team Hadou: Ryu/Ken/Gouken
Team Dark Hadou: Oni/Akuma/Evil Ryu
Team BOSS: Bison/Sagat/Seth
Team Goliath: Zangief/T Hawk/Hugo
Team Final Fight: Cody/Guy/Rolento
Team Hong Kong: Fei/Yun/Yang
Team Dan: Dan/Sakura/Blanka
Team Chubs: Honda/Hakan/Rufus
Team Schoolgirl: Makoto/Elena/Ibuki
Team Evil Beauty: Vega/Juri/Poison
Team Enlightenment: Dhalsim/Gen/Viper
Team Sleuth: Guile/Chun Li/Cammy


game mode will be dead in a week


If it’s 6 player 3v3 only, it will die. If you have the option of doing 2 player 3v3, I think it will last. It should also work offline too.


Should replace the current yawnfest 1v1 as tournament standard.


This mode would fix so many issues with the game. It would also make many characters viable, since their partners would make up for their bad MUs.