3v3 ST from EVO torrent!

Well I have the ST 3v3 Vids on a torrent now. Every one thank NKI for coding them for me.

Thank you NKI!!!

3v3 ST torrent

Can I get a sticky!??

Seed or DIE!!

thanks I’ll be leaving this on for a while :slight_smile: only 16 seeders so far

W00t, thanks CigarBob. Ill be seeding for as long as I can.

ditto. I’ll seed too.

Much appreciated… although… have you thought of hosting it somewhere? Combovideos.com maybe? Just a thought.

EDIT: Oops… it’s already in the works apparently.



These were not supposed to be released yet…

Three of the files are messed up. Two of them are labeled incorrectly, and one of them is missing two matches (it simply ends after the first teammate loses).

Sorry about that…


So then no one is gonna come back and seed the first batch? What a waste of time.

Whoops, actually five files need to be corrected:


For the Grand Finals (both sets), the WMV tag is incorrectly labeled as “Winners Finals”.

In the Grand Finals set 1, the vid ends after Choi loses, but Valle and Watson haven’t played yet.

The names are backwards for the Darkumas/NKI match. (My team is P1; his team is P2.) Same for the Kuni/Vermillion match. (Kuni’s team is P2, Vermillion’s is P1.) The WMV tags are also mislabeled.

For my team vs. Cole’s team, I forgot to edit out the part where they are changing sticks (about 45 seconds of no action).

Sorry about all this - these vids were not supposed to be released yet. If you have already downloaded the vids, please rename them appropriately. WMV tags can be altered by right clicking the file, going to “Properties”, then “Summary”, then “Advanced >>”, then where it says “Title”, click the text. I will be uploading the corrected vids (complete Grand Finals set 1, and my team vs. Cole’s team minus the 45 second delay) ASAP.


Thanks for the matches guys… Seth killing people with Balrog, Balrog just too powerful :D.

cool matches thanks for the upload pimps.

Why not just release a patch. The winners finals / grand finals isn’t important, and you can just release a patch torrent with a txt file and the corrected match on it.

seeding… w00t

If peeps have footage, I can host it straight up without the need for torrents. It’s all up to you, though - if torrents are the way people like to go, that’s cool. :smile:

Hey, NKI…

The corrected versions are up now, right? If we grab the torrent, it’ll be all the corrected ones?


  • James

Mirrored here now too:

Thanks !!

Dont mean to be a dick. But the tourny vids are acutaly mine. NKI just coded them and edited them.

^-- No worries. You did a huge amount for peeps down at Evo regardless. Thanks. Fixed the attribution here. :smile:

I don’t know if CigarBob has updated the torrent yet or not. (Have you?) But the ones hosted by Preppy are the corrected versions.