3x on the left or the right?

What’s your opinion on this? I notice a lot of people go for 3x buttons on the right, but with all the sticks I’ve used the default setting had the 3x buttons on the left.

What setups do most arcades use?

Arcades are six button layouts. 3x buttons are only on console/PC.

Also, please read the stickies before asking questions.

I did read that sticky, it didn’t answer the question. All it says it some sticks have them on the left, some sticks have them on the right, not which one I can expect to be using in a situation where I won’t be playing with my own stick such as in an arcade. Thanks for clearing that up.

it actually says pretty clearly that the default madcatz layout has the x3 buttons on the right

it also says pretty clearly that arcade is only six button

If that wasn’t clear to you from reading it, how could it be changed to be clearer?