3x Spark optical JLF board on ebay

Three tested prototype Spark boards are up for sale on ebay. These are custom made optical sensor boards for JLFs that I’ve been working on. Please read the description and good luck.
I sincerely hope that these will be high demand items, so please spread the word. The sale of these is going directly to help get a full production run made, so the more publicity the better; if anyone considers it worthy, a nomination for the front page would be amazing.
You can find out more about these from the Tech Talk thread:

Spark! Optical Sensor Prototype for Sanwa JLF Joystick - eBay (item 290513819536 end time Dec-23-10 09:27:34 PST)
Spark! Optical Sensor Prototype for Sanwa JLF Joystick - eBay (item 290513820544 end time Dec-23-10 09:31:29 PST)
Spark! Optical Sensor Prototype for Sanwa JLF Joystick - eBay (item 290513820616 end time Dec-23-10 09:31:45 PST)

5 day auction, so if you want one, hop on it and win yourself a Merry Christmas!

And I will proceed to do that sir. :stuck_out_tongue:

Added all 3 to watch list and nominated!!!

Mine!!! Mine mine mine!!!

shit I hope you have enough money cause I’m looking at these going for over hundred each

haha I’m sure they will

sweet! i’m watchin’ all 3 as well =)

going to ebay now.

Want one of theese. But it seems like sale price would be much grater than i can handle.
What would be approx price of finished product?

Nice toodles! Maybe I’ll bid to inflate the price.

Very cool! Hope you sell a ton of these! You ever thought of creating a custom dustwasher specifically for these? I know people go crazy for the Flash1 dustwashers, and it would immediately identify what’s under the hood! Stealth JLF! :looney:

I nominated. can’t wait til the final build is out… Day 1 purchase

toodles…that is good shit. congratulations!

my max bid on one of them is a lot…fyi lol

For a ps1 stick can you just click it in or does it require soldering?

its requires .5v of power is a powered joystick unlike the JLF so yes if you have a ps1 stick with a Ps1 PCB it has to be soldered and I believe most ps1 sticks PCB’s do not have this power without some sort of conversion toodles mentions it in the spark ebay listing

Excited hype hype hype hype hype

lol ones over $100 already?!? how high is this goin! hype hype!!

if it requires .5v of power, how would one mod their stick to install this?

nominated! and like Zero said i just cant afford them right now… but as soon as we have a official release date i will most likely buy 2… or 3