(4/06/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #51

Another great tourney from the Break!

1: FlashMetroid (C. Viper)
2: SmoothViper (Sagat, Zangief)
3: Josh Wong (Sagat, Akuma, Guile)
4: Darth Arma
5: MarlinPie
5: Rahsaan
7: Bry
7: Ryder
9: Mike Infinite
9: Aqua
9: Dizzy
9: Trinidad GAT
13: Jiyuna
13: NBG Kazuya
13: Kooper
13: NBG Wetbucket
17: NBG DemonEyes
17: Dynicksty
17: Mahmoud
17: HackerMike
17: The_Laziest

Josh and Bry sneak trip to the Break!

Hey Flash… Chickened out on that Samba De Amigo money match…

I’ll be here when the paralyzing fear subsidies. You just let me know.


I’ll take any of you.

Josh and Heemmmmmmm.

Josh fucking Wong.

GG to everyone who placed, i need to take a hiatus for a second. Maybe enter the cf tourney this friday then cast away until super we will see, but in the meantime i cant get my mind into sf4.

lazy j ambushed the break?

3 different states places higher than jersey’s best players.

sorry i let all of you down. I almost made it to finals but I couldn’t finish =[

I didn’t even think I’d be coming this week, I happened to get out of work early and was able to stop by. Hadn’t been playing SF4 in months so I was out of practice. :lol: Good to see some familiar faces.

Maybe when super drops I’ll find time to dedicate more time to graduate from scrub status, haha.

Battle of the Vipers

MarlinPie VS FlashMetroid


Josh come to MTG!!!

Oh Philly will be coming trust me.:china::lovin: