4/08/2006 DC/NOVA MONTHLY 3S/MvC2

Date: April 8th, 2006.

Tourney Location:
C3CyberClub 571-323-1091
46950 Community Plaza - Suite 201A
Sterling, VA 20164

Time: All games will start at 4pm.


MvC2: DC
3S: PS2
SSBM: Game Cube

If people didn’t like the Springfield tourney, and want a change, come out to Sterling for the next Nova monthly.

Some Systems and Games are needed. Contact me.

What is available GUARUNTEED!!!
two 50 inch big screen TV’s
four 27 inch Flatscreen TV’s
four 20 inch flatscreens TV’s

as well as plenty of monitors to run Dreamcast MvC2 (it looks NIIIICE!)

Also… if you have a DC VGA adapter… PLEASE bring it!!

MvC2/3S will be round robin pools to qualify/be seeded into the main double elim bracket. The pools will eliminate half and seed the other half (i.e. finishing 2nd in a pool won’t make you be placed into the loser’s bracket.)

SSBM will be standard double elim for singles/doubles.

Exact #'s of final qualifying bracket and the size of the pools will be determined by # of entrants.

Tourney Fees:

Tourney entrance fee: 10$

Venue Fee: 5$

All matches will be 2of3, save Grand Finals, which will be 3 of 5. Standard Rules for all games.

Payout per tourney:

<10 entrants 66/33
10-20 entrants: 58/28/14
over 20 entrants 53/26/14/7
over 50 entrants 50/25/12.5/6.25/3.125/3.125

This is a new attempt at a more fair payout system that will pay down to more players with more entrants to the pot. Hopefully that is more incentive for more people to come. It’s open to discussion for future tourneys, but that is what the payouts will be for this tourney.

Please Register @

I’m torn. If they have another tourney on AnimeFX on the same day. I’ll like…flip a coin or something.

But hopefully they’ll have it on different days so I can go to both.


Well, I really hope there isn’t a real hard choice. Reasons why C3 is better:

  1. Guarunteed setups. I personally have games and systems for each of the games being played at this tourney. Other tourneys haven’t had certain setups (I.e. Dreamcasts.) That won’t be a problem.

  2. More Stations. There are 10 TV’s (2 50’s, 4 27’s, 4 20’s) and plenty of monitors there BEFORE anyone brings extra TV’s. That’s 4 stations for 3S, 3 monitors for MvC2, and 4 stations for Smash.

  3. Bring your own Console room. The patio room will be setup so that we can put 3 TV’s there for any casual gaming people wanna bring.

  4. Different layout. The pool table will be moved to the side, allowing more room for people. The big screens will be positioned differently. And the marvel monitors will be in the side room with their own space.

  5. Venue fee will be constant 5$. One time fee, as many games as you want to play in.

  6. Later opening. People can hang as late as they want and play casuals. Unlike a mall or arcade, which will close.

  7. Smaller focus. I’m only running 3 games… so I can sincerely run 3 quality tourneys.

I’m hoping there’s not a conflict of dates again, but who knows if Jinmaster wants to continue running simultaneous tourneys out of spite. No ill will towards him, but that’s what it was.

ill go to this but if jinmaster hosts the one at springfield im there.

I don’t see why. JM didn’t even have a dreamcast on hand from what I heard, and he definitely didn’t give Marvel 3 monitors. You should prolly go to the better equipped and prepared tourney for Marvel, not just what happens to be 5 minutes closer.

Robin, Ima try to make it to yours, even if I do have class. C3 is a much better option, thats what me and others had to compare to yesterday, when we were pretty much bummed out be the lack of preparation and organization.

I really dont want C3 Tournaments to happen anymore. I feel like there was NO tournaments in NOVA, and then when I started running them, it seems like you trying to steal what I tried to build up.

I will be at the NEXT SpringField Tournament. I will bring all the said equipment. I debating on the date. Is it possible for you to stop running tournaments at C3 Robin? IE this be your last one? Anmie FX is better for the community overall. I am on the verge of getting sponsorship for my upcoming tournaments (thousands of dollars). The manager at Anime FX is a great contact, and can help us out more in the long run than C3.

Hit me up, and tell me what you decide.


There was no MVC2 tournament yesterday, none brought a DC.

The 3s tournament was run pourly.

I will go to the C3 tournament next time

Man, do you got things wrong. If you thought C3 was greedy, you should of saw the guys at Anime FX. These guys were making everybody pay before entering the venue. I was practically bombarded by the employees when I first walked in. And the thing that made me pissed off was the fact that the employees were basically telling me to leave if I did not pay the venue fee. Then I asked to talk to the tournament director, because I wanted to know what was going on w/ Marvel. Instead of letting me go to the back to ask my questions, an employee escorted me to the back, and waited there until I finished talking to him. After we were done, he basically asked me to pay for the fee or leave.

Now I understand that this is a business, but they were being way too anal, especially for a local tourney. And the people were getting pissed because DR was being held in the arcade, they thought that they were taking business away from them. But the fact of the matter was that most of the people who did enter the DR tourney, had already paid for their venue fee. To complain after they had already paid for something that they were not using at the time is damn right stupid.



Bigger space
Opened till the morning
Relaxed enviroment
Has more televisions(from what I hear)

Too far

Anime FX


Small area, compared to C3
Closes very early

I’d love for Anime FX to become the new place of venue, but with the attitude and space provided, it looks like the future of C3 is brighter than Anime FX.

Yeah, I ran the 3s tourney. It was my first time running one. Please tell me what you mean by poorly. Learn to spell btw.

Yeah, no one brought marvel and I never saw Jinmaster. It was fun, but overall the tourney was unorganized as fuck.

Well the beginning of the tournament was good, until we got to the finals.

Is my understanding that the winner from the looser finals will go against the winner of the winners bracket to determine first and second place?
Instead there was a round robin were only three players participated to determine the winner of the winners bracket and the same thing was done for the looser bracket, I dont know where the other two players from the winners bracket came from.
I was talking to Charge the Yun player and he also didnt know what was going on.

c3 cyber club is a permanent venue, we will continue to run quality tournament. i’ll give my 110% support to renegade and the community so people will be pleased with what we offer. There will be huge tournament at the fancy hotel in near future. stay tune.

I really dont want C3 Tournaments to happen anymore. I feel like there was NO tournaments in NOVA, and then when I started running them, it seems like you trying to steal what I tried to build up.

Hey Jinmaster, because you neglected c3 and avoided my emails and messages and deliberately ran tournament on the same day without respect for Renegade, therefore this is happenning. it was your decision.

Well, I believe there were 3 people still left in the Winner’s bracket when the time would have normally come to have a Winners Finals.

Instead, the 3 remaining players were taken from Winners and a round robin was done (10x, Deviljin and I), to determine which of the 3 would advance to Grand Finals, and who would be kicked down to Losers bracket.

Deviljin got the most points in that Round Robin, so he advanced to Grand Finals.

10x and I were bumped down to Losers Finals. But the two of us couldn’t just do a set to see who goes on to represent Losers bracket in Grand Finals, because then it wouldn’t have taken ANY of the bracket into consideration.

So, we did another Round Robin which included the two people from the Winners Bracket that got bumped down (10x and I), and the player from the Losers bracket that had advanced the farthest (the other Chun player, I can’t remember the name). It’s just like having the Losers Bracket Finals with the one who just got bumped down from Winners, it’s just that we had 3 players so we did another Round Robin to determine who would go onto Grand Finals.

10x got the most points in that Round Robin, so he advanced to Grand Finals. I got the 2nd most points, so I got 3rd place, and the other Chun player ended up getting 4th place.

10x advances to Grand Finals out of Losers Bracket, and has to win 2 sets versus Deviljin to get 1st. He wins both sets, and gets 1st, Deviljin gets 2nd, and 3rd (Me) and 4th (other Chun player) had already been determined.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have minded fighting for my spot at 3rd, but I guess the Round Robin was enough. People seemed pretty confused by the brackets anyway, so I don’t think it would’ve helped much to suggest another set to determine 3rd.

man can’t we just have it on different dates so i don’t feel bad about showing to one or the other.

i think robin existed running tournaments a long time ago.
before i ever heard of a jinmaster.
or even the character jin???

edit:lol marvel i guess n/m…

Jinmaster if you’re reading this, you have to put your next tourney on a different date. Last month I could understand, as it was actually a DC tourney for February when all of a sudden it gets cancelled for the new one. As far as I’m concerned, April 8th I’m gonna be at C3. All of you 3S players, I hope to see you there as well.

That’s where I’ll be.

It’s all about Chic Fil A.

O.K. then its settled. the official place for tournaments in the dc area will be at C3, like it or not. if you dont like it, cry your fucking head off. ill be at C3 supporting robin. and yes robin has been running tournaments before tekken got as popular as it is now. and im sure all gt heads will support robin. as it has been stated. i knew sf mall was gonna be a waste of time. im glad i was in rhode island. jinmaster, we the gamers are the scene. NOT YOU.

Robin i can bring a ps2 and a dreamcast. dont think i can provide a vga convertor. also can bring games for both systems. i can also provide skills beyond any human understanding. wendys for the win. spicy chicken is too good. and bring the chips again. poker is more fun than random emo games anyways. see if you can add cvs2 also.


Hey robin,
just email me the model for vga conver, i will buy 2 more converter and audio cables to hook up to speakers so we will have 3 dreamcast stations you need.
we already have plenty of monitors.