4/08 Nova Monthly Results 3S, MvC2, CvS2

4/08 Tourney Results

3S (19 players)

1st Exodus
2nd Shinshay
3rd Ramza
4th Rockman
5th Moose
5th Ultradavid
7th Victor
7th 10x

I’ll post the records up later. Longest tourney ever (Two 9 man round robin tourneys followed by 8 man double elim bracket goodness.) But I don’t think anyone cared. 3S is fun.

Deviljin- Stop jumping
Ultra and Rockman- If my Alex gets any better you guys are toast.

Big thanks to Exodus for running a bunch of this tourney. I bet he wanted his money.

MvC2 (10 players)

1st Pete Luong
2nd Victor
3rd Eric V
4th Jody “Blazin”

Thanks to pete for actually making people play the game. The good players came out, but i’m wondering if people play this game anymore.

CvS2 (12 Players)

1st Moose
2nd Wayne "Kid"
3rd Umthrfkr
4th Renegade
5th Ultradavid
5th Jody “Blazin”

Not a bad turnout for a game that wasn’t on the official roster at first. Wayne hit like 5 people with Break Stock lvl 3 blanka ball. I had him on the ropes, too.

SSBM 30 Players

1st Chu Dat
2nd KM
3rd Chillen
4th Aho
5th Meep
5th Kirbster
7th Stylish
7th G Reg

9th Fonz, Special K, Anden, RIck R,
13th John V, Moose, Eddie, John G

Big thanks to SSBM, they showed up in force. Thanks for any hiccups I had in running brackets or anything, I haven’t done a smash tourney in a long while.

SSBM Pairs
1st Kirbster/G-Reg
2nd Chu Dat/ EC Eddie
3rd Meep/ Stylish
4th Legally Blonde

Street FIghters!!

Come to the next monthly! Info is already up!


GGs to everyone I played there in 3S. Shinshay, how’re those vids lookin’? =x

Well so far I have the 8 man tourney captured…err half of it. I have the First round followed by semis into the winners finals.

I like doing editing, so I tried to add some nice 3S flavor to it. For those who weren’t there, you all missed an exciting 3S final and Grand Finals with back and forth momentum change between me and Khang. I am proud of Khang, he is so consistent. Unfortunately, due to my lack of competition offline, I played like crap yesterday. I didn’t deserve 2nd at all, but nevertheless XBL will be over for me in a month since my subscription runs out. :clap:


i am sloppy+jumpy whore:sweat: i feel like I did terribly as well. Good job E, regardless you still managed to get up there. Khang u continue the tradition of the dude running the 3S tourney winning it, now 4 months straight:lol: Ciddy u are solid as fuck, i hope u keep coming out for the tourneys man. Jose, surprised me with how well you did despite ur rust. Hope you all beast out at FR9, Red Bull owned me good that nite

edit: robin i had mad fun tho, def. head out for the next one

GG’s to everyone that I played with. Robin…I’ll never stop jumping…against Chun Li any ways. Oh and sorry for those that wanted to see me in the top 8. I heard “free Red Bull” and forgot about winning. :tup:

Nice shit in the tourney Ciddy and Ultra David. Exodus…get off your Ken crutches (nice hit confirming btw) and Shinshay…wtf happened to Ryu? Some top tier play from all the guys in the top 8 (well…except for Victor…cuz his Ken made me look like a scrub in the round robin, LOL). Look forward to seeing you guys on the 13th. :cool:

Not to go too off-topic, but regarding that other tourney that’s gonna be at Springmall I think… the week prior to the next DC Monthly… Anyone gonna be going to that one? That’s two tourneys in a row for weekends, isn’t it? More comp for the win? =o


Yeah, I’m going. Make sure to go to www.newchallenger.net and post in the blog. For whatever reason you can’t compete in the ranbat unless you post in the blog. :wtf:?

I might just be ignorant, or I’m really not feeling the color layout of that site, but… Where do you register for an account to actually post? =x

Yeah, it was a fun tournament. Good games, everyone.

I don’t know how in the world I got 5th in CvS2, considering Robin was literally teaching me how to play during our match in the tournament. I just can’t seem to find a good groove for the characters I like… I don’t think Maki, Zangief, and Dhalsim work together very well as a team.

Man I barely squeaked into the Third Strike bracket. I can’t say I’m too proud of the decisions I made in more than a few of my matches, although I still finished in what seems like the exact same place I’ve finished in in every tournament anywhere for the past year or so. Good games to all though. DJ, you should have been in the top 8, and sorry for basically eliminating you in both games. Robin, your Alex is better than your Chun. Eric, I never actually got to see you use Tanden. Pat, you should just pick between Elena and Alex and go with her/him, screw this changing around based on the matchup nonsense (Elena > Alex). Aaron, your Ken is just as bad as your Dudley, and you’re pretty weird looking to boot. Pete, sorry I didn’t win that match, I should have just humped the screen after I tied it up the second game. Martinique, you have a great ass, and my wangular regions still smell a little like your vaginal juices. Wojito and Jaguar, you guys gotta actually, you know, enter the tournament next time. Congrats to Khang, Eric, and Eric, live it up with all that money.

Nice meeting the guys from Delaware, I still think it’s awesome and quite impressive that you drove so long to come to a monthly VA/MD tourney. Seems like the scene is getting stronger around these parts, and that makes me happy.

I wanted to make it, but was too sick to accomodate. What about those poker results huh?

I have the results right here, actually:

3rd Place: Some Asshat
2nd Place: Doucheface McGee
1st Place: Pure luck, because poker is stupid and probably not even smart either

Ah David, you make me lol.

Anyhow, GG’s to everybody I played in 3s. I saw some new faces which is always good. If any of the dudes that came from DELAWARE are reading this than PM me and we can set up for some games sometime.

edit: I forgot to give a what’s up to Mark G. After his name being tossed around so much, it was cool to finally meet you. Good games, come out for more casuals.

Moose won cvs2? The hell happened Jody?

Jody was busy taking everyone’s money in poker.

Oh yeah, in CvS2, the finals were 4-1, 4-1 Moose, since Wayne put Moose in loser’s 2-1. And I forfeited to Moose in loser’s bracket. Not that it would have mattered…

I was the only one with enough balls to take Jody’s money in poker.

Heads up: b1gazn > everybody else

Good question rugal i hadn’t played in a year in a tournament and hardly played the game… this was my first tuorney in a while tied for 5th in 3S qualified for smash brothers out of my pool and won cvs2…and i guess rc funky kick and consistent rc electricity was nice on robins new stick. Ken Masters is what happened… but can’t always rc on wake up= free throw but i hope everyone had a good time at this tournament… The next one can only get better… GO VA! and wayne thanks for sending me to the losers it woke me up!!!1 since i hadn’t played that game in a while u got me fired up.

PS: go ahead and laugh at smash…i happen to enjoy the game



— moving on…

GGs to everyone i played at the tournament. i was never disappointed the entire time i was there. the venue was very accessible (i consider that area = close to everyone in MD and VA), c3 was very spacious, and the owner was very cool. it might’ve been because we’re both viets, but i felt that he was very cooperative and definitely stood there to support the scene (contrary to jinmasta’s unfound ramblings).

i will definitely support tournaments at C3. i wouldn’t even mind if the venue fee was higher (really now, from a business perspective, i’d prefer if the owner of the establishment get reimbursed for his space/time/support - from a sf fan standpoint, i’d rather shell out an additional $5 (to make it 10) to support the growth of our scene.) we’re all poor, but i’m all for paying a little bit to support an awesome hobby.

it’s a shame no one came to collect the bounty on my head. eric lee came very close, with a 2-3 loss in winners finals. i would’ve extended it to the round robin, but i ran my pool 9-0 anyway :rock:. i will continue this tradition, so please help the scene grow by coming back to future tournaments!

holla at my nigga eric lee! it’s been too long since we’ve played. your game has degraded from what it used to be, thanks to xbl :frowning: but it’s all good - play offline w/ us again and you’ll be back to making me sweat like shit everytime we play :karate:

eric kim – good job holding it down with makoto. your flashiness is downfall though! prioritize solidity and smart decisions over your constant parries and you’ll definitely win a lot more!

grant/phil – i hope this tournament gave you guys realizations on what you guys gotta work on to advance to the next level. stick control, execution, game fluidity! all important aspects of 3S. let’s go back to the training room, aka harbor hall.

rockman – good to see you around still. why no more live?

pfvp – omg lose more! you should look at my alex and go “damn, i should xcopy that shit.” TOO GOOD. too bad we didnt get to play…you might’ve been the one to take the bounty off my head :wink: did you win in poker at least? check out your $200 going down the drain: http://www.pokerhand.org/?296211

aaron – keep cool! your ken shows tons of promise, but frustration gets the best of us. be more calm and collected, and you’ll see wonders with your game.

billy – out of fucking nowhere, pulled mad wins w/ your ken. good shit sir! dont play cvs2, just 3S :smiley:

robin – thanks for the hot tournament. definitely glad i came. i didnt get to see your alex

deviljin/brian – nice to have met you guys finally. didnt know you had a bro til now…but your 3rd brother showed up later in the night. MARK FUCKING GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG…:lol: DJ good shit w/ the ibuki. you always seem to avoid my option parries. play more offline and solidy your rushdown and people will have a hard time defending. brian, training mode! GJ combos! im thinking you started yun not too long ago. just hang tough, lots of combo vids, and smack dj’s ibuki down :smiley:

ciddy – pretty cool to meet another XBLer offline. your chun has a lot of promise in her. go watch justin wong and adapt his mentality. chun is best played in that style. don’t forget to send me some invites so we can play :slight_smile: XBL is in my room now, so we can even chat on AIM round after round

ultradavid – upsets happen man. your Q’s plenty patient, so don’t second guess yourself. can never cave into the pressure/bullshit. forget hugo! :stuck_out_tongue:

mr. david le – on behalf of the entire community, please accept my appreciation and gratitude. too long have we waited on a venue as splendid as yours. thank you for the sprite! :tup:

til next time everyone!

lmao that was fucking wrong:rofl:

Love from Delaware

Hey, thanks to everyone. Yeah it was a long drive but we all had a blast getting owned. We’ll certainly be at the next monthly, although I can’t promise any better results from us :wonder:.

Yeah, Renegade, sorry about the CvS post on the other board, it’s just, we were coming a long way and I just wanted to make sure.

Much love to everyone who helped us out and gave us tips. We really appreciated it. Honestly, I’m a vid scrub and the other two guys hardly ever play anymore so, it helps to get some hands on experiance.

Bass actually owned me in the pools!:rock: It’s been a while since that happened.

Oh, and Bass’s name is pronouced like the instrument, not the fish. He was getting a tad pissy about that earlier in the night.