-*-4/1/06 Lexington, Kentucky April Fools Tournament!-*-

Just send the cash prizes by mail…within 2 days…

Damn, that sux. A tournament without cash prizes is like a get together. This could affect my decision on coming. I do play for fun and don’t mind, but cash prizes was part of my equation on going. I may still come just for the experience, but no promises.

More information about the Tournament

I’m sorry to hear the lack of prize money turns you off Taz.
I must apologize for the lack of cash prizes, the decision is completely out of my hands. We attempted to get permission for cash prizes for the DDR tournament, but UK’s lawyer denied us, saying it was a game of chance. It is the same for the fighting games. I doubt anyone would agree SF is a game of chance, but it’s impossible to get past UK’s bureaucracy.

I made the decision to host the tournament anyway because I thought it
provide an opportunity to meet fresh competition before FR9 and mabey build up support for a serious tournament later.

I have to reiterate we CAN give out prizes, just not cash. Gift certificates are OK; money orders or checks are NOT.

It would be difficult, and unfair, to buy prizes ahead of time intended just for the top few games with the most turnout. We are running 6 tournaments. I thought of having custom sticks made, but there is no way the entry fees would cover that.

The DDR tournament is sponsored by redoctane, and we are giving out 2 pads donated by them, and then a gift certificates from Best Buy based on the entry fees.

If you guys just don’t want prizes, I will not have any registration fees.

Please tell me soon what you think, time is running short.


we’re having cash entry fees which will be converted into best buy gift certificates after all the tournaments are finished. see the original post for details. so taz and eugene, come up and pillage in mvc2 and bring your friends!

and taz, have i ever played you in 3S? i can’t remember…


Hey Daniel, even with cash prizes, or whatever, its still kinda iffy, if I can make it. I haven’t come up with enough money yet to pay for the down payment of my car, and if I don’t have the money in my acoount in a couple of days, the check that I wrote will bounce. Im trying to get an extension, but that will interfere with going to your tournament.

I guess what it all boils down to is my tax money I’ve been waiting for for the past 2 weeks. If it comes before the tourney, Im good to go. If not, I may have to pass. Its gonna be like last minute thing on weather I can go or not, but I will let u know.

Hey yo its me, its me, its RDG (RUSH DOWN GOD) VDO here, just wanna say prolly for the Mi. peeps that were thinkin bout comin there…Damn thats phucked up! You all can take entry fees but can’t dish the loot out shyty shyty shyty, even though I do realize thats its out of your hands fellas, but if that is truely the case why have entry fees then? Atleast then it will be just another get together of some sort you know. I mean since they are soooo stuck on making sure know 1 gambles there, don’t start it off with entry fees…oh neevrmind I hope it goes well for you guys.

hey juan, how’s it going man? are any MI players coming down? you? julian? obot? cullen? bhaskar? TKK? terrell? come on, just get a car ride together and come on down! the practice before FR9 will be nice.

we’re still having the entry fees so out of staters (ahem MI/IN/OH/TN/etc) still have the incentive to come. instead of you receiving cash for your top 3 placing, you receive a gift card to best buy FOR THE SAME AMOUNT. it’s just a different medium of exchange. unnecessary? sure, but that’s our only option.


theres a way to spread cash…just gotta be black about it…ya feel me

Just send the prize money in the mail after we all leave…

Um…VDO, I think I have something that iz yours…
found golden CvS2 ( remixes) in my CD case…I forgot I had this…But I found this at the Ft. Wayne tourney me and Taz went to over a year ago,me Taz, G on the rize,
a SUPERdark black guy, Asian guy with dreadlocks and some white people, but U weren’t there…:confused:

Cool just give it to me at fr9!

Thanx bro

less than 1 week, this tourney will be sick.

lol fugi, nice.

EDIT- added the directions and address in the first post for our out of staters.

4 Morehead kats for sure

I just want to make sure everyone knows to label everything you bring, I know it’s common sense. There will be alot of people in and out of the Cats Den (where the tournament is taking place) and people’s stuff might get mixed up.

Here is the directions to the student center. Parking is free on weekend and evenings.


Daniel, I got my tax return money…I will be at the tourney. yay. :party:
One important thing: Be sure there is somewhere where we(I) can watch THE FINAL FOUR. I absolotely CANNOT miss it.

grumble grumble…he returns

Taz-get at me about fr homie.


sounds good taz. there’s TV’s in the student center and little lounges where i’m sure you could kick back and watch the game. otherwise there’s plenty of sports bars around.

WHAT’S UP ROB?!?! hopefully you plan on bringing lots and lots of louisville guys to this tournament. and you’re reading this right, we are actually have a tournament in lexington, KY.

GOOD NEWS- zinac informed me that they’re providing 9 TV’s for the tournament. this will make things run very smoothly. so what we need now are people to bring LOTS of ps2’s (at least 4) and a couple of dreamcasts for mvc2 and cvs2. i figured 6 TV’s can be for the tournament, 3 for casual play or people wanting to play other games. 2 TV’s will be for each tournament game, so we’ll have 2 rounds of games (ie cvs2, gg, and T5 first, then 3S, mvc2, and ST second) because we have 6 total games. this will allow the 2v2 3S tournament to happen and it will also allow for people being able to watch the game on time.


Yeah… SO I guess I’m coming down by myself. I figure I can fit a small tv into my trunk for Casuals. Seeyah there dan… Yeah… yeah cash money is good. Hey TAZ i’ll play some money matches with yah to make up for it. First to 10 for 20$ MVC2. EHH? I feel lucky.

We should have plenty of TVs now actually. The members are 2 clubs are bringing them and then we are getting a bunch from the student center itself. So there is no real need to waste energy lugging a TV here.

Also, don’t pass around money inside the student center. If you’re going to do it walk outside.
Legal reasons.