** 4/1/06 XMvSF FFA Results "Surprise guest, David Lee" **

1st - Vic aka Dogface aka the only one who can beat David Lee at all
2nd - David The Dominator Lee
3rd - Poor Magnus scrub “mr. getting perfected by the dominator”

David Lee beat magnuscrub in winners 2-0
Magnuscrub battled to losers finals
Vic beat david 2-1? in winners finals and sent david to losers
magnuscrub battles david again but loses 2-0 with a perfect as well
Vic beats david in grand finals

Good games all, i know the sticks were sorta iffy. I will let dogface take care of the highlights cause he does them best but a couple were…

David Lee perfecting not 1 team beast member, but 2 different team beasts

Mr. Lee’s Ultra comeback with cyclops vs storm against magnuSCRUB

Vic staying in winners throughout the tourney

Thanks vic for running the tournament. Big ups to my boys dogface for winning it, and megaDS fighting his way to 3rd from losers. This was a good turn out…If i wasn’t so stressed about running the mvc2 tournament, I probably would of gotten placed. Props to David lee for coming out. Thomas was the only one missing…

:: The reaction ::

AzNPuLsE: omg
AzNPuLsE: i didnt think it wouldve been this big
AzNPuLsE: i wouldve went
AzNPuLsE: but i didnt know david would be there
AzNPuLsE: and some other ppl
AzNPuLsE: and i thought no one would be playing xmen
AzNPuLsE: u know i wanted to go
AzNPuLsE: damn this sucks!!
AzNPuLsE: the last few times i went to ffa, it wasnt as big as last night
AzNPuLsE: i wouldve replaced all the times i went for last night

and there you have it…haha we need more $1 entry fee games. haha If that’s what it takes to get david lee to play xvsf.

Well, here is some madness from the turney!

12 peeps entered.


David Lee “The Prince of Perfect” says he is afraid to play Hellfromabove, but is finally coerced into playing the match. Not only does DavidL win, but with a perfect.

Without Finesse repping Team Mall Scrub (Ken/Akuma) two other players enter and use that team. Dr. Alpha and Jose. Jose actually takes that team to get 4th place, eliminating Hellfromabove from the turney, and defeating Rich who put him in losers.

DavidL hears that he has to play MegamanDS and tries to forfeit saying, “I can’t beat him.” This mentality goes back to a James Games Round Robin turney we held last summer. In that turney, MMDS came from losers to beat DavidL 6 times, with 3 perfects. But DavidL finally relented to play, and beats MMDS in winners, and then again in losers. Revenge is a Korean dish best served cold!

This was actually a hella hard turney to run. It started as a Team Turney RR, then without enough teams became singles, then back to teams, then finally back to singles. Add the fact that my man Rich was throwing a MvC2 simultaneously, and we had to share players, was madness.

Handsome Vic: 30 pts
MegamanDS: 28 pts
DavidL: 5 pts
Rich, Buff Mike, Thomas (tie): 3 pts

And DavidL and I went 2/1 in our matches. I didn’t beat him 2-0.

No turney this upcoming weekend (the 8th). Everyone take a break. And the following weekend (the 15th), everyone go to James Games turney!

omfg vic is too good. the sticks/buttons were decent, you can’t really blame on it (except the MvC2 cabinet those sticks/buttons were freaking the worst). I had great games on xvsf, esp versus megamands’s storm and vic’s wolvie. man that wolv needs to slow down, you make my magneto look slow :sad:
seriously GG to all, im looking forward for the next tourney @ jamesgames (Version 1 FTW).