4/1 3s Buy.com LAN 2007 in Anaheim, CA

First off, here are the results from 3s:

  1. Amir
  2. Alex Valle
  3. Justin Wong

Now let’s talk about the results. First off, everyone who is not familiar with this tourney can read the original thread here.

I’ll sum it up for anyone who didn’t know the deal. Basically JC Media was hosting a 3s and T5DR tourney at Buy.com’s LAN 2007 event. The tourney was set to use PS3s with converters for sticks. The entry fee was $25 and the prizes were $500, $200 and $100 respectively.

JC Media said:

With that said, here is what ACTUALLY happened. We were urged to get there at 2PM so the tourney could start at 3PM. Unfortunately Tekken ran late for one reason or another so we didn’t actually start until around 5 or 6PM. So that’s strike one.

We were promised that we were going to start on time and we didn’t and there was no apology or explanation.

Pretty much everyone brought their own PS2 joystick because we were told that they were going to have converters. Unfortunately NOBODY’S stick worked with the converters. The next thing we tried was using one of those new Hori sticks that are built for the PS3 that people use for Tekken. That didn’t work either, maybe because the PS3 doesn’t support non-PS3 pads for PS2 games? I’m not sure why it didn’t work, but it didn’t. We were lead to believe that all these technical kinks and issues were going to be worked out earlier in the week. Strike two.

At this point we had two choices.

  1. Get a refund and call it a day
  2. Reach some sort of compromise

Those that opted for the refund were met by a surprise and had to leave their contact information so that either they would be contacted or a check would be mailed. Even those who had paid in cash that day.

You might think that getting a refund was the best thing for everyone at this point and you are probably right, but the reason that a lot of us didn’t want to get refunds was because if everyone got refunds except for let’s say 4 or 5 people, then that increases those players’ chances of winning a significant chunk of change, regardless of whether they actually deserved it.

The compromise that we reached was that we could use PS2s, even though I specifically asked if we could bring our own and use those, but was told by JC Media on the 29th that we couldn’t because they didn’t want us to bring anything except a stick or joypad. Luckily, Ken I and someone else had a PS2 handy so we had that taken care of.

At this point, the shit hit the fan. The TVs used were causing massive lag on the PS2s, probably around 3/4 of a second! It was like playing on Xbox live except worse. After all the reassuring JC Media did, it didn’t matter. Whether or not they were the same TVs as they used in Washington DC, it didn’t matter. The TVs were hella laggy and there were only two things that we could do about it: get a refund and don’t play or use the only analog CRT TV in the ballroom.

Those of us that still didn’t want to make it any easier for other people to make some easy money wanted to use the analog CRT TV that was on stage and no longer being used because Tekken finals were over. Unfortunately we were told that we could not use that TV.

At this point everyone was pretty agitated and I don’t believe the JC Media staff was holding up their end of the bargain. CRTs were NOT purchased as promised and lag WAS a MAJOR problem even though we were assured it wasn’t.

At this point it was suggested that we all receive refunds and still play in the tourney for the money to compensate for this entire mess, but the JC Media staff did not want to do that.

Finally the tourney started on TWO DONATED PS2s while the rest of the event was coming to an end. They were literally taking down the entire set up, including all the lights, booths, banners, etc, WHILE WE WERE STILL PLAYING. The finals WERE NOT on stage as promised, as the lights were already on and pretty much everyone else had already gone home because the event was running late. Granted, part of the reason it ran so late was because the 12 of us that decided to stay and play collectively took a long time to make up our minds about exactly what to do about this, but obviously this shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place if:

  1. JC Media had actually taken the 2 minutes it took to test the setup that they had been advertising for over a month
  2. CRTs had been purchased
  3. JC Media would have allowed everyone to bring their PS2s and CRTs instead of telling us not to

I believe any of those options would have produced a great tournament, as the rest of the event was very well done.

In short, every promise JC Media made to us as a community was broken. We felt cheated, we started late, the finals were not on stage, the converters didn’t work and most importantly, THE TVS HAD LAG.

I can’t think of another time that the 3s community as a whole has been disrespected like this. JC Media continually asked us to pre-register as well as pay a huge entrance fee, but made no effort to show us the courtesy to just try out the setup they were planning to use before we actually started.

Mike Watson, Ken I, scottind, as well as myself all raised valid concerns about HDTV lag and joysticks and we were all assured that this would not be an issue and that we would not feel cheated.

There was a lot of talk in the past few weeks about how JC Media did not run good tournaments and about how we should not enter. I decided to have a little faith and not only pre-registered as requested but pre-paid with Paypal. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that this tourney would have turned out so horribly wrong. For those of you that pre-registered and decided not to come or were thinking about it and decided not to come, you made the right decision. I was wrong for trying to support this tourney and giving them the benefit of the doubt. I wish I could have my 25 bucks back, but more importantly, I’d really like those 6 hours of my life back instead. :confused:
How To Fix This Ordeal**

  1. Admit responsibility
  2. Apologize
  3. Refund EVERYONE in full including the winners

deng. seems I lucked out.

that’s too bad to hear though, because the end result really left me smiling.

Maybe next time? Do you think there’ll be a next time?

gootecks and scott +1 each

sorry about the shitty experience =/

gootecks, your avatar says it all.

JC media really fell off on this event. i knew the ps3 thing was going to be an issue, yet they reassured us that it was going to be fine.

i was going to come out for this but i had a bad feeling and im glad i didnt. sorry to all the guys that actually went out and tried to play.

Damn, that sucked. My condolences go to all those who had to undergo this shitty experience…

Never again (4/1/07 buy.com tourney)…

i was there. this tournament hella sucked. i want my $25 back

lag was unbearable, playing like underwater almost. i couldnt parry a fireball and im what you call it… a… “parry god”

never will i trust another jc media run tourney. i couldve stayed home and played xbox live for a better 3s experience. my 56k gave me better lag than the lag at this tourney. i get better lag when i d/l porn off bittorrent while playing warcrack 3. i get better lag waking up for an 8am class.


Wow. Glad I didn’t go. :\

haha i was the first one to bring up the tv shit wheres my cred :stuck_out_tongue:

the t5 community seems excited about how this went

so 2d gaming got shaaaaaaaaaaaaafted


+2 Buton Mash :slight_smile:

Quiet possibly, best April Fools joke EVER was made by JC Media on the Cali 3s community…

Not that I attended this event, but there was various reasons why someone would be turned off by this event.

A) They spammed the hell out of the Pacific South threads. At first I didn’t give a damn cause it’s like ok, they want to advertise. But then the second time they did it, it did kind of seem like spam, since we did already know about it. When I proceeded to confront them about it all I got was a “this is isn’t spamming, we’re simply promoting.” Well obviously they don’t know what the hell spamming is. So then i got a “the real question is, are YOU going.” And I proceeded to tell them I was gonna have gay sex instead of going there (which was true), and they proceeded to NOT post in our thread any longer (which tells me they’re homophobic?).

About a week later they proceeded to bombared Pacific South with their “promotions” (except of course, in our thread) and later on all their posts got deleted, reason? SPAM

B) People had qualified concerns when it came to lag with the TVs. Anybody who has anything other than a CRT, probably realizes that lag is a big issues when it comes to video games. Ok, maybe not a huge issue with most games, atleast not any issue that would affect the gameplay completely. But what they obviously don’t understand is that this is a timing specific game, precision is everything. 1/4 second lag can fuck up the timing completely, ruining your game. The fact that this was 3/4 second lag only makes me wonder how horrible the gaming experience must have been. Worse than Xbox Live? Wow…

So not only did they try to put aside lag concerns by saying that this worked in DC, but they also proceeded to say everything would be tested and CRTs would be purchased. Well obviously DC had magical TVs, and what happened to the purchasing of CRTs? Did anyone even test anything on site? I spoke to people first hand that attended this, and they cannot begin to explain how disappointing this all was. Not only that, but someone had actually posted in one of the threads before how JC Media had done a horrific job organizing tourneys before. Not only that, but charging 25 dollars to play a tourney, and 5 dollars just to WATCH, is ridiculous, SBO quals aren’t even worth that much.

So basically what I’m saying is, there was plenty of red flags and reasons that showed this event was gonna be a disaster…for those of you who actually stuck with it and gave it a chance, that was cool of you…they did talk about how much they wanted the fighting community to be noticed, so I guess that could have baited some. I’m sure GOW and SSMB are more your cup of tea…3s community is obviously not worth your time.

I’ll be posting my side of what I did about this stupid shit too. But it’ll be in a new thread warning others about JC Media events.

Except I’m going the other step and talking to Buy.com along with various other vendors too.


3/4 sec lag? were they using DLPs or something?

By this time next year, the lag situation with HDTVs will be improved (or possibly fixed), and maybe 3s will be re-released on PS3 so it natively up-scales to 720p and higher. But by this time next year, there will most likely not be a chance like this for 3s to be in a big money sponsored tournament. 480i games cause too many headaches, and the JCMedia guys are not gamer-centric enough to care or cater to our needs, even if there’s a simple solution to this.

I’m surprised that the SSBM players didn’t complain about lag, since GC and Wii outputs to 480i like 3s does; they should have gotten the same problem if they used the same types of TVs. Or maybe SSBM not as timing intensive as 3s? Looking at the JCMedia site, i don’t even see tourney results, was there even a SSBM tourney at all?

I really wanted to go; i was 50/50 in weighing my options, but in the end i chose to head out to Interface. Reading gootecks post and everyone else’s post makes me think that these people running the tournament cared least about the gamers, and more about the sponsors. I guess everyone has to learn about HDTV lag someday or another. This is good experience for all you guys in the market for a new TV.

So wait a minute? They didn’t pay the winners at the tournament?

hate to say this guys, but i HELLLLLLLA saw this shit happening after this tournament http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=125655 and everyone was told to boycott JC media for failing at knowing how to run SF tournaments.

i dont know whats worse… The lag on the tvs DESPITE hella ppl warning them about it, or the lack of on the spot refunds.

That sucks that it didn’t work out. I posted a warning in the FFA thread about JC Media, but I didn’t repost anything on the actual tourney thread because I thought maybe they’d learned from the horrible reaction to their crap in DC and NC. I guess I was wrong, sorry I wasn’t more vocal about it.

Yay for Amir and Valle, though.

Makes me wonder how VF5 went…

QFT. Valle still beasting after Evo. Even on laggy TV’s. That Xbox Live practice comes in handy. :tup:

Doesn’t surprise me that Tekken was the only thing that got done. Jinmaster loves his Tekken. :lol:

In all seriousness though…there’s no excuse for not having PS2’s. I don’t understand the reasoning behind that. I mean they should have known that games like SF AC don’t play correctly on the PS3 (people have known that for a while) but it’s understandable if they just weren’t aware. Not like Jinmaster plays 3S any ways. People could have easily brought their own PS2’s instead of spending time making sure there were enough PS3’s. Slim PS2’s are much more convenient to carry around any ways. PS3’s are like 2 original Xboxes. They’re monsterous figures.

Also…what’s up with not giving refunds? If the customers didn’t like the way JC Media organized things (if you can even call it organized) shouldn’t they get their money back at the least? The NC G2Expo tournament had a lot of issues and even that sounds like it ran better than this event.

well, well… seems like my hunch was correct. there is no way you are gonna run a game that requires such reaction time on a tv aside from a CRT. this has been proven on many occasion and i specifically asked you and you directly lied to me and the rest of the community. wtf is your problem dude?? im so glad i stayed home and saw a couple good basketball games instead of waiting around and getting lied to online then possible to my face. sucks how people are trying to make money off running events that are supposedly “for the community.” f all that noise man. groups like srk mods, atl crew, imo, those are groups who actually give a shit. jc media is now officially on the shit list. i have heard much bs about jinmaster running some garbage and scamming shit, but now blatantly lying to get people to come out and register for his own well being. screw that. to all you 3s hardcores, dont sweat it. evo is coming, evo is done right, and evo is here to stay. thats all i can say, and to those who stayed home like i did, congrats, we won this time.