4/1/4 MVC2 Results @ The Break!

  1. Shawn Morgan - MS^2, Sent/Stri/Doom, MSP
  2. Robert Sigley - Magneto/Cable/Tron, Gambit/Bonerine/Guile
  3. Noel - MSP
  4. Steve Hanna - Storm/Cable/Cammy
  5. Alex Monin - MS^2, Mag/Cable/Doom
  6. Ed - Mag/IM/Sent, Team JWong (Mag/Cable/Sent-A)

16 people

Finals was 3-0 Shawn over Noel
Loser finals was 3-2 Rob over Noel
Grand finals was 4-1, I only won one match and that was with Gambit/Bonerine/Guile over MSP haha

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ECC’s coming up soon see everyone there!!


That’s team Row.


thanks for posting results rob.

match of the night was definitely rob vs ed. screw going to atlantic city. that match is as random as a cointoss :smiley:


not anymore sorry =(


jwong uses it more.

good shit to noel damn the one day i cant go everyone else from fng goes


umm it doesnt matter how much row uses that team, its still TEAM ROW.


jwong uses it better not just more. therefore i call it team jwong!


back in the day valle used blackheart/sent/capcom more and better than watson did, but it was still undisputedly called team watts. watson was the first to think of the team concept, so it retains his name, and team row should be no different:)


mag/sent/cable is team ROW


Actually it’s team X-Tron now:P

*Fullmetal Daywalker *


Dumb logic.


I actually cited that same example to a friend today about why it should still be called “Team Rowtron” :smiley:


This is such a stupid argument I’ve always posted it as Team JWong dunno why all the drama now, but how is it dumb logic? I’m sure other people have used a team before it achieved a certain name and just because they weren’t top player or good with it - it’s not considered their team.

Whenever I use certain teams people are like oh man you’re using X’s team and I’m like huh who’s X. I don’t know what Rowtron is everyone’s calling that and I see Justin use it best so to me it will always be Team JWong

It’s just a matter of interpretation like how to some people certain events are disasters and to other’s it’s a welcome change (like war and stuff!)

Anyway NJ needs to step up I’m CVS2 guy I shouldn’t be getting 2nd c’mon guys what’s going on =(


It’s still Team Row.


I haven’t seen Sanford using Storm/Sent/Capcom yet most people would still refer to it as Team Santhrax. Same logic would apply here.

Hell, no one calls Team Matrix, Team Justin Wong version whatever. It doesn’t really matter who uses the team now, but people still refer to the teams like that.

By your logic, if Justin starts using Team Combofiend and rapes with it, then you’d start calling it Team Justin Wong then?


Its not team anything…its team Mag/Cable/Sent-a.


I would like to copyright Cable/Storm/Sentinel or any variation of that team as Team SA.M

People can’t do shit when the team is trademarked and copyrighted. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah…


I have a team ITs Called Team God (Magnus, Sent, Cap) it is the best sent based team in the game so people might want to start sent first but it supposed to be with magnus first. That shit is copy writted by me too. Fuck That Shit!!! and i don’t care who uses it that shit is TEam God
And Team Row is and forever will be Team Row justin is the best but the only teams he has that are actually his are Cammy, cyc, doom and b-marry, guile, tron.


mag sent cap is called team nobody according to bryheem


:lol: That’s right.:lol: Mike B made that team up:lol: