4/10/2010-FIU: SFL's Finest 2-SF4+Tekken 6+TVC!-Miami, FL


On Saturday April 10th 2010

-Tekken 6 and Tatsunoko vs Capcom registration 11a - 12:30p
-Street Fighter 4 registration 11a - 3:00p
-Tekken 6 and Tatsunoko vs Capcom begin @ 12:45p
-Street Fighter 4 begins at 3:30p


Florida International University (FIU) University Park (Modesto A. Maidique Campus)
Graham Center Porter Davis Game Room (GC)
11200 SW 8TH ST
Miami, FL 33174


Some quick videos:


How Much?

-Door Fee-$5.00
-Street Fighter 4 Tournament Fee-$10.00
-Tekken 6: Blood Rebellion Tournament Fee-$5.00
-Tatsunoko vs Capcom Tournament Fee-$5.00

You will be charged an extra $2.00 door fee if you show up after 3pm. And I cannot guarantee being able to put you in the bracket. Even in losers’.

If less than 5 people show up for any tournament, that event will be canceled.

Prizes will be paid out in Cash out of the total tournament fee

-70% for 1st Place
-20% for 2nd Place
-10% for 3rd Place

Street Fighter 4 (Xbox 360):
Double Elimination
99 seconds time
Random Stage
2/3 Rounds
2/3 Matches
3/5 matches at Winner’s Finals, Loser’s Finals
4/7 matches at Grand Finals

Winner keeps character.
Loser may choose another character

Tekken 6: Blood Rebellion (Xbox 360):

Double Elimination
60 seconds time
2/3 Rounds
Guard Damage Off
Random Stage
2/3 Matches
3/5 matches at Winner’s Finals, Loser’s Finals
4/7 matches at Grand Finals

Winner keeps character.
Loser may choose another character

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars (US Wii)

Double Elimination
standard settings
Random Stage
2/3 Matches
3/5 matches at Winner’s Finals, Loser’s Finals
4/7 matches at Grand Finals

Winner keeps team
Loser may choose different team

Pre-match character switching (hold down OR hold P button before battle begins) is legal and player has to stick with current character.
All characters are legal INCLUDING PTX-40A and Gold Lightan.
No freeze, invisibility glitches, etc. or player who initiates glitch forfeits a round.

All kinds of controllers, sticks (wired, wireless, Gamecube, PS2 converted to GC, classic controllers, etc.), and button mapping are all allowed, even for TvC. But turbo functionality is illegal.

General Rules:

  • When it’s your turn to play, you will be called ~3 times and we will wait for you for about 5 minutes. If you are not present in this time or we do not hear from you as to where you are or what you’re doing, we will attempt to run another match before yours. However, you risk being disqualified if there are no other matches in that round to be played.

  • if your behavior is disruptive during the tournament or if you do anything obviously illegal, you will be escorted out. Money matches are fine as long as you aren’t advertising them all over the place.

  • this is a bring your own controller/stick (BYOC/S) event (no turbo or modded controllers allowed). We have no obligation to loan controllers/sticks, so come prepared. Neither FIU nor the tournament staff is responsible for any of your belongings (this does not mean the staff will not try to keep an eye on things for you nor that they won’t help you try and find them, we are simply under no obligation to do so) if they are damaged or lost.

Other Information:

  • Parking passes for non-students will be available at $1 for the entire day per car. Please call (305) 348-2189 when arriving at the campus for instructions on where to park and to purchase your parking pass.

  • Wendy’s, Subway, Little Caesar’s, Publix, and a Chinese Buffet are located across the street from the FIU main entrance on 107th Ave. Burger King and Taco Bell can be found heading out of the 107th exit and making a right towards 8th ST on your right side.

Domino’s Pizza 305-553-5233
Papa John’s Pizza 305-220-7500
Pizza Hut 305-220-9808
Pronto Pizza Express 305-554-5555

Please let me know if you will attend the event, even if uncertain. I need to keep track of the number of potential attendees.

TvC in Miama?? I really should be there to support. How many peopel do you think will show?

I mean are there people at the campus that play the game? Is there any following for the game in the south of florida?

I really will drive for 13+ people. I do not know about 7 or below if they are not hardcore…

I honestly can’t answer that question. This actually is a more of a test than anything else. I already know the following behind SF4 and Tekken 6. However, the Game Room people wanted to see if people are interested in TvC. I see some people playing TvC but I haven’t really payed attention to their skill level, since I don’t play the game myself.

Hey Luke, will you guys need systems and game copies again? I’ll be happy to bring my setup just in case.

Yeah, I will need setups. I was gonna talk to you about it.

Two more weeks… ARE YOU READY???

Yo luke, this tourney is still set for the 3rd instead of the 10th in the tourney calendar. It would suck if people missed the tourney cause of that. Also, I still got brawl if you need it this weekend. I also got a 360 setup with SFIV and a modded Wii with TVC but I don’t got all the chars unlocked yet. I could just download a savefile to get them though if you want the setup. Also got a TV but it seems we had more than plenty last time.

hey ruuku it me from sfx deafjerzy. i might im goin this event

This is one of the last tournaments before Super Street Fighter 4 comes out… ARE YOU READY?!

Yeah sorry I was busy. You can bring all that stuff and the save file sounds good.

Hey what’s up! Glad you’ll be able to make it.

Ruuku, count me to be there.

Who is ready??? FLORIDA, where you at???

Live stream link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ruuku/v3

This will be streamed right?

that would be cool. where they will stream? webcam real life or in-game? if in-game screen, will they have text for names which character used it? because i will invite friends who are deaf gonna watch stream this and they can’t hear if you are on micphone or someone say names who next.

Yes this will be streamed in game and I might also show the players. I can try to figure out how to have the names appear. If not, the stream does have a chat room so I can let people know.

yeah that sounds great.

You guys have the worst timing with these… I have a biochem final next friday and I gotta study =\

Is there anybody here coming to tomorrow’s that can bring a 360 with SF4? My second 360 got the red rings so I’m missing one setup. If anyone can, PM me your first and last name to get half off door fee if I still need extra setups.

Really wish I could attend :frowning:
Definitely going to try to go to the next one though.

The first TVC tourney in miami and I find out the day of, I’ll try and see if I can go but i doubt it.