4/11/09 Play N Trade SF4 Ranbat #1 in New York City

Hosted by Chocolate Lemon

Hey everyone, thanks to Play N Trade NYC, they decided to let us use their venue to keep the SF4 community alive in NYC. So in order to keep it more alive and make it grow, for the next 6 months there will be a series of ranbat. We would like to have 2 ranbats per month and this will depend on dates due to heavy tournaments that are being hosted throughout the year. And the top 8 people with the most “Chocolate Lemon” points will go into a final 8 play off to win the overall Play N Trade prize which is to be determined. It will be a good prize.

But the top 3 winners of each ranbat will be receiving store credit based on tournament entries. Each entrant is 10 Chocolate Lemon Points. So if there was 10 people, there would be 100 Chocolate Lemon points to be passed out for the top4. Placers that are 5th and below will only get one point each. So if there were 10 players, there would $150 Play N Trade store credit which will be divided into 70/20/10 percentage to top 3. Obviously more entrants = more store credit.

Also for the first 2 ranbats, the #1 player with the most points will get a seed to the East Coast Throwdown tournament held in May 2nd - May 3rd for SF4. Thanks to John “SweetJohnny Cage” and Joe “iloveu, Long Island Joe” for giving the players more!!!

A seed means you will have a placement on the bracket of the tournament, not a random placement, so for the first couple of rounds, you don’t have to face another seed meaning another top player.

Once again thank you to the organizers for East Coast Throwdown and check out their thread to see if you guys are interested.


Soooo here are the rules.

Street Fighter 4

System - Xbox 360
Controllers- BYOC
2 out of 3 double elimination
3 out of 5 winner finals/loser finals/grand finals

Winner must stick with same character, loser may pick a new character.

entry fee: $10

prizes: Store credit depending on the entrants. 70/20/10

Plan N Trade? -
137 E 13th St, New York, NY? - (212) 674-0200?

When - Pre Reg at 12 Starts at 1 - 130pm

And also there will be times where I will not be present to run the tourney but Phire who basically got us this deal will do the running of the tournament and of course recording the matches!!! YAY PHIRE

Comments/feedback/suggestions please post.

Pre Reg please

  1. Phire
  2. Andre Lambert
  3. Stadic
  4. Juddermang
  5. Juddz
  6. DS
  7. Strikeshell
  8. alucard
  9. evil rahsaan
  10. mariodood
  11. epyonkaru
  12. Shinryuken
  13. Gran_Calc
  14. mouko
  15. arturo
  16. remix
  17. erik
  18. holddat
  19. tinshi
  20. nick p
  21. epyonkaru
  22. megaman steve
  23. Kesh
  24. Mike infinite
  25. Jason V
  26. chozobeast
    27.saint gut free
  27. philski
  28. javits
  29. poe2222
  30. iron ball
  31. romes
  32. hak
  33. jay0yeah
  34. greg yeung
  35. Dragongod
  36. Mai tai
  37. Shag
  38. something - unique
  39. buyproduct

looks like i have to find a converter for 360 for a ss pad. any1 no if one exist?

yay me! now if i can place first in an actual tourney and not just prereg

Count me in.

I don’t own a 360 and I’m wondering if there would be spare sticks to use for the people who don’t own 360s.

there will be some and also u can ask to borrow a stick

Count me and my brother in (I’m JUDDERMANG, he’s juDDz). I think it’s awesome that we’re having ranbats in NYC. :smiley: Thanks for making it happen!

Damn, more SF4 tournies? I’m there, too.

We should totally record these matches and build our own NYC scene.

sign me up for this also, can’t wait for the one on 3/28

Damn yet another 360 tourney…Ill probably still show up but my TE and modded HRAP3 will just collect dust:sad:…

yes the matches will be recorded to build the nyc scene.

lets see how long this lasts. Sign me up

Im in…we should seriously ask some dudes on the West Coast scene to help us set up the old FFA Ranbat setup… i.e. in-screen match footage + commentary. Then this shit’d be awesome.

Also Justin are you playing in these or not?

i will not be playing in this

sign me up!


im in there too so sign my ass up

justin is gonna be like the super secret final boss at the end of the ranbat season :looney:

id like to play in this but the prize being 100% store credit is bullshit, i know pnt would like some guaranted way to make profit off hostin tournaments for us but seriously that shit aint right. They gotta make it a split between cash and credit at least with the split being largely more cash. its 2009 and sf4 is out, it’s time for top players to start getting paid. down with $10 entry fees(at least at bigger tournies) and down with bs prizes like this, fuckin sf4 players need to start playin for real money. If mtfers played poker for pennies that shit wouldnt be interesting and no one would play the shit. but thats the problem the fighting game community has. A niche group tryin mad hard to get to the top but once u get there it’s not worth it cause ur not makin any profit out of it.

Awesomeness. Sign me up Justin, Ill even try n drag my brother out to these, also Im down to help out anyway possible. I should have 2 more sticks by may, money is tight right now, so that would make a toal of 3(4 if my brother buys one hopefully) so that should kill all the people coming into the threads asking for sticks. Id be willing to bring them as long as I could say drop them off 1 day in advance.