4/11/09 Play N Trade SF4 Ranbat



for all those too lazy here is some copy pasta

So since we totally blew it last month. We’re going to have to repackage our stuff for March’s random select with some other cool stuff.
In any case we began our ranbat series at playntrade(thanks joe!) it was a strong turn out 40 people despite the less than stellar weather. Later on it cleared up so it wasn’t that bad. There were tons of new faces there which is always good and even some Jersey players came out to grace us. Unique, the stores so far undisputed SC champ ( he was unknown and came back from losers to take it all) showed up which was a surprise, unfortunately lighting doesn’t always strike twice. I apologize that we did not have a camera on hand till the end where Josh achieved Bankai and just dispatched Rahsaan. That was indeed an intense match. There were some other gems scattered in there I just wish I had the cam to capture them. It was good times it’s always fun meeting you guys. I enjoyed my matches,hope everyone did too.

Andre took it all. Surprise surprise!I figured Rahsaan might have taken it he looked really strong in the first few rounds of the tourney but I guess bad match up? Anyway here is the point break down after 1 tourney

  1. Andre - 215 CLP
  2. NerdJosh - 107.5 CLP
  3. Rahsaan - 77.4 CLP
  4. Mariodood - 30.1 CLP
    everyone else has 1 point.

Thanks to everyone for coming! We’ll start his up with other games too so it’s something fun! If anyone was wondering L.Dubbs was off in tex-ass trying to make it to sbo.

so with out much further delay here are the brackets




I’ll update this when a certain someone gets me the dvd/CD.

till the n.



The title should be 4/11/09 ranbat.


Andre leveling up GDLK

Andre bringing dat rush GDLK

Andre hustling in SFIV GDLK

Psycho jaw shots for everyone GDLK.


Wheres my props, you still salty from PSN?

Andre is GDLK though haha. :rofl:


So, how do you figure out what place you were? im phil


Yeah losing half a bar running into tiger shots for doing ultra online is pretty agitating. All good though since it’s online :wgrin: .

Props for beating Rahsaan, but against everyone else…you’re using Sagat, what can I say lol.


Ok i’ll play you for money without sagat, Tony B’s chun could handle me 30 games straight man. Drop the excuses.


Nah I don’t play for money, but I’ll gladly play you if I meet you in a bracket in a tournament. Lighten up nerdo, you seem to be annoyed at my postings :rolleyes:


Scared money don’t make money. :wink:


still tracking down that dvd… i can’t wait for the next one


cmon guys sagat takes alot of skill to use. This is coming from a sim/viper player.


I can’t wait for the finals to be put up. :looney:


I got eliminated by NerdJosh, the Sagat that made 2nd place. How lucky of me to fight him in the fourth round:sweat:


GG’s rahsaan you almost had me with viper, somethin just snapped though in our match. Good luck at nationals this weekend, get that platter!!!

Also someone please get the disc in I wanna see these match vids.:sad:


It was fun attending a SFIV tourney! My second one at that. Hopefully some of these NY residents can make it tomorrow to NJ where a SC tournament and SFIV tournament will take place.

I’m currently tournament champ there for SFIV there so far! The only thing I have left to say is please for the love of god use some PS3 setups. X360 controllers suck.