4/11 Japan MvC2 result

1st Takayuki(storm/sent/cycrops,mag/cable/sent)
2nd Mitsu(Ironman/storm/cable)
3rd Nagata(storm/sent/CC)
4th MarukuKY(MSP)

14 people entry.

Hello, i will be traveling to Tokyo soon and was wondering when the next MvC2 tournament is going to be? Also what city and what what is the name of the arcade? Thanks.

good shit! takayuki and nagata

Good job guys!!!

Nice 3rd Nagata!!! your getting better huh?!! COOL!!


Next tornament is 9th May. At alpha station in Tokyo, ShinOkubo station.

Thank you Issariya and LTB.

Cool, will there be any videos of this tournament up anytime soon?