4/11 SOVA Random House Tourney

Tonight, we did another random game tourney. It was pretty fun. Anyways, here are the results.

1: Winback
2: Aries
3: Blackula
4: Ryry
5: Kam
5: OJ4
7: SeanMiyagi
7: Scooder
9: Unknown Enemy
9: Foomy
9: Taj
9: Dsinnie
13: J3W

Games played in the tourney:
Plasma Sword
Tekken Tag Tournament
Battle Arena Toshindin 2 Plus
Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale
World Heroes Perfect
Tekken 2
Tech Romancer
Art of Fighting 3
King of Fighters Maximum Impact Regulation A
Gundam Battle Assault

damn tekken

Fun as always. Plasma Sword and Inuyasha were the most fun. Toshinden 2 wasn’t so bad, but that’s mostly because of the soundtrack.

*Gundam Battle Assault 2
*We didn’t play Last Blade, or Last Blade 2.

Here was the list of games we picked from:

The games we haven’t played yet will be up at the next one. Thanks to all that participated. Have a good week, guys.


And, Time Stop is the fucking shit.

umthrfkr woulda won this one too. gdlk.

damn i woulda won this one too. gs guys.

wow these are some old ass games

battle arena and tekken 2. i think ive only played 3 of these games total and 2 of them are the tekkens. sounds like fun.

Maximum Impact Regulation A is my favorite game in the whole wide world :slight_smile:

How the hell do i go from puttin winback in loosers ta loosing in grand finals…NICK FOOOK YOUUUUU



Sup Blackula :slight_smile: Good to see the Ranbats goin strong