4/12 U.K. 3S : Hong Kong Invasion

1st: Carmen - Akuma, Ryu,Yun,Yang
2nd: TheHY - Ken,Yang,Dudley
3rd: Peaceman - Ken
3rd: Yip - Makoto
5th: C IV - Chun Li, Urien
5th: Chunkis - Ken
5th: HKC - Yun
5th: Gillian - Alex

[not full results, more players in pools]

Pretty intense tourney, Hong Kong top 2 players are in town for this weekend’s upcoming Absolution tourney. Very strong showing from Carmen, the Hong Kong national champion, and Yip the #2. Top London player TheHY also strong showing. Upsets included London #2 player[at least in my opinion] Morning Call getting peaced out in the pools, and Dukus as well.
When asked about being excited to play Daigo because he’s really solid, Yip replied “Weee’ll see…” :eek:
Excitement builds for this weekend’s Absolution tournament, which will be attended by various top Japan players (Izu,Daigo,Ino,Bas and more).
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Good job HK! From what I hear they are very good, they were quoted saying that everyone played quite bad on the HK nationals video. See you all at Absolution and thanks for the results skisonic!

To be honest, vid can be misleading. I admit their vid is not pretty to watch, but consider the pace they are playing. They are playing faster than anyone (don’t count japan), that means you have to think faster and I thought it could be normal if you make silly mistakes. Shin Ryu is HK god tier, his vid can even be more misleading. When I saw his vid (captured by a friend in HK from casual play), I thought he was one of the worst tier ever! I do not understand his gameplay in general, and what makes him stands out from the rest. But the fact is: shin ryu taught guard of god (HK national champion) how to play the game. And shin ryu rapes guard of god for free. I heard immediately after the tournament, shin ryu got 40+wins (best of 5). He raped all of the contestants including guard of god. Too bad he didn’t bother joining the tourny.

I’m in Hong Kong right now for 2 weeks and I played against Rei (the Remy player in the HK national) He charged buffer sonic booms like crazy. :eek:

hold that shit hk.

Here is my humble opinion:

Gameplay is just like a “stone - paper - scissors”. (i.e. throwing wins blocking, blocking wins shoryuken, shoryuken wins throwing) Most players in the world try to make themselves “better scissors” to win other scissors, but Hong Kong players try to use a stone to win other scissors.

This can explain:
top tier players in the world use strong characters(Chun Li, Yun, Ken - better scissors), but top tier HK players use Ryu;

the video is not good looking. It is because enemy’s moves are not always predictable, when someone uses “paper” to fight with “scissors”, ugly scene occurs. On the other hand an accuracy over 40% already leads to a great success, which the Hong Kong top tier players always do.

i didn’t see the match but from what Carmen said in the hk sf forum he used Yun and Sean to win the match… I repeat …SEAN:eek: :eek: