(4/13/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #52

Another great tourney from the Break!

1: FlashMetroid (Viper)
1: Josh Wong (Zangief)
3: Ryder (Abel)
4: SmoothViper
5: TeaBossLegend
5: KDZ
7: Mike Infinite
7: Uncle Bry
9: Darth Arma
9: NBG Wetbucket
9: ZangiefMaster
9: Rahsaan
13: Trinidad GAT
13: NBG Kazuya
13: Dizzy
13: MarlinPie
17: Damian
17: NBG DemonEyes
17: The_Laziest
17: Noel
17: Dynicksty
17: Chemist4Hire
17: Quotes
17: Meyhem
25: JSZombie
25: Mahmoud
25: Dom
25: KillaBee
25: Elgy
25: Frantastic
25: Titus
33: HackerMike

I will be uploading some video’s of tonight after I get some sleep.

Shout outs to everyone who came out from NY and Philly

Shout outs to KDZ, HackerMike, Ryder, Fran, Ed, Mass, Mey, Kyohei, Josh, the NBG(?) guys, Miguel, Deluxe, and everyone else from NJ.

also shout outs to Chris and 8otb. we stayed until at least 2:30 AM tonight.

thx for letting me borrow the stick again dynicksty.

Deluxe was nice to meet you, a lot quieter than the streams though, weird. Shout outs to c-los, hackermike, kdz, darth arma and michael.

I added to the pot proudly, I’m a card carrying pot monstah. Wish I could at least not drop the combos that I actually get the opening for.

Josh Weeezy GJGJGJ

Glad to see Ryder getting back up there from last week, you were probably nervous since I was watching last time huh? :bgrin:

Too bad I couldn’t make it, but hey can’t ditch work early every week haha. Once super hits my schedule is changing and I’ll be there regularly.

Good shit Dom it was cool to meet you also. Don’t worry once Super drops I will be donating as well on a regular basis.

And I will be uploading those video’s to my YouTube starting in 10 min so…

…What happens at the Break, does NOT stay at the break this time!

The Break!@!

the pet cemetery o_O

Video’s are uploaded! Please subscribe to my YouTube for future videos http://www.youtube.com/consolewarzone

If anything watch this match [media=youtube]9N4XhccGKHw"[/media] just for the ending.

Sh*t gets serious at the Break!

Josh Wong. I will bring 360 for you Friday.

Omg, the amount of killers at the break. Anyone who comes here will get bodied lol

good shit to everyone that came down to celebrate the 1-year SFIV Break Tournaments. Super SFIV is right around the corner hopefully I’ll see more killers soon.

QFT! 8otb > japan

Ryder has the best fucking Abel In the World!! Combofiend come see Ryder!!!

you know how the japanese always talk about “character love”?

well ryder actually is abel irl, and ppl generally love themselves at least a bit, so it all makes sense…

:china: haha, Smooooth Vipppppaaaahhhhh!!!