4/13 3S ranking battle results

THIS WEEK WAS CAPPED! woooo!!! that means that if you want spots, you gotta be on early by 8:45 to sign up. i apologize to those who couldn’t get in…but yea…not much i can do about it.

  1. chi-rithy [ch]
  2. exodus [yu]
  3. cruise [ur]
  4. kamina [ur]
  5. spectre7 [or]
  6. devilzknight211 [ke]

current standings:

  1. exodus - 50.5 + 26 = 76.5
  2. chi-rithy - 35.5 + 31 = 65.5
  3. cruise - 23 + 21 = 44
  4. devilzknight211 - 13.5 + 16.5 = 30
  5. kamina - 0 + 18 = 18
  6. spectre7 - 0 + 16.5 = 16.5
  7. brit-brit - 15
  8. shodokan - 13.5
  9. nica ko - 12.5
  10. sensifield - 9.5
  11. bars n hooks - 8
  12. mariodood - 8

full brackets: http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?tid=273109

will post replays tomorrow.


exo vs xsonicc: http://www.kutsuki.org/exotech/0413exovsxsonicclosers.krec
exo vs spectre7: http://www.kutsuki.org/exotech/0413exovsspectre7losers.krec
losers semifinals: exo vs kamina: http://www.kutsuki.org/exotech/0413exovskaminaloserssemis.krec
losers finals: exo vs cruise: http://www.kutsuki.org/exotech/0413exovscruiselosersfinals.krec
grand finals: exo vs nataku match 1: http://www.kutsuki.org/exotech/0413exovsnatakugrandfinals1.krec
grand finals: exo vs nataku match 2: http://www.kutsuki.org/exotech/0413exovsnatakugrandfinals2.krec
grand finals: exo vs nataku match 3: http://www.kutsuki.org/exotech/0413exovsnatakugrandfinals3.krec

as with last week, nataku’s connection with me hangs after about a minute or so. so we were only able to play 2.5 matches before i decided to just forfeit.

Devilzknight211 and kickassguy123 are the same person, no?

GGs to all those I played.

booshit…all of them could’ve played, u just didn’t want to bust out the pen and paper:tdown:

aside from the technical aspect of it, i’d rather keep it at 32 cap so that we can run 2/3 matches. if we went above 32 players, that’s bumping it to a 64 man bracket…in which case we’d have to sacrifice and turn it into a single match tourney. since it’s an online environment, i think most players would rather have 2/3…

orr u could just fill in spots in a regular 32 man bracket…there were only like 3-4 people beyond 32 that wanted to play. i woulda let em play:tdown:

GG’s to everyone i played.

I missed the only thing I was looking forward to this week. :sad:

Intresting results. :tup:

sorry about the lag problems and all that shit…playin on laptop RLY sucks ass

np, just beat your laptop until it start working properly.:razzy:

haha ya their both me , damn gg to all yo

you bum, if there has to be a cutoff, i’d rather it be a convenient cutoff. what’s the point of adding 4 more players? should the cutoff be 36? 40? 45? -_- i use the bracketmaker site because it’s convenient for everyone in terms of having access to up-to-the-minute brackets. if i manually wrote brackets, the ranbat would take a LOT longer to run.

Lets see the vids.

Oh and LOL at C3 kids fighting over tourney rules.

I was there, I just didn’t get in.:sad: Hopefully there’s another one sometime soon.

I vow to get past 1st round next time. :mad:

I’m gonna win next week. Post our match nataku!

GG’s Spec7 :slight_smile:

Sure, I’m in last…but I fight with all my heart, so in a way, it’s like I’m actually in 1st.

edited and added replays to the OP.

Man, i did some stupid moves; time to reflect on it.

i just read the bottom of the first post and seems like it could be Chi who needs to fix his connection…last time i tried to play him the same thing happened