4/13 3S ranking battle results

he DOES need to fix it!

Nothing happened when I played him

Although I didn’t do as well as I hoped (getting past 1st round) this tourney was good, and I have some post thoughts:

I’ve been to 3 online tourneys, and 4 real life tourneys (3 local, 1 EVO).
Both of of them are good, but online tourneys work out very well because they occur quickly. This 32 man tourney took less than 3 hours, compared to real life tourneys that take all day or more.
This is definitely a good thing that everything went smooth.

Not that I want to, but has there been any official documented online money matches yet?

Great communication btwn exodus and everyone on IRC. When everyone showed up, the tourney started, no questions asked. Another good thing.

Lag from east coast vs west coast. This part is rough. Even though there were no stakes involved, it felt like a tourney, and people want to win. I dunno, whenever it’s a tournament, even if it’s online, there is tournament stress.
The lag from playing people from accross the country is a factor. Unfortunately, this can’t really be corrected too much as of now.

Well, I’m really glad that everyone had a cool attitude and overall it was fun.

Are there any plans of a 2 on 2 tourney? 5 on 5 would be too crazy.

GGs to all I played. Props to exodus for having a level head and setting this up.

Wow Losers finals was very impressive to watch.

What program do you need to watch the replays?


I’m definitely down for that, it would be pretty sweet, we can do it for next sundays tournament.

After searching around a bit, here is how you play .krec files

  1. Make a directory in your nfba folder called “records”
  2. Put the .krec file in the records directory
  3. Load up nfba
  4. Load up Kaillera
  5. On the right hand side change the pull down tab from “P2P” to “Player”
  6. Click play to play the .krec files.

cool thanks, there’s actually already a recordings folder in there

BTW: exo, your links for your matches with nataku don’t work

The folder has to say ‘records’, not recordings.


Winners finals
[media=youtube]SfZHC8-SdLA[/media] -1
[media=youtube]O_keC8u8gMI[/media] -2

Ya, let’s do teams.

Exo let’s team up so we won’t get ‘‘crashed’’ again :lovin:.

Hey Henri I wanted to ask you… how do you convert the .krec files into something appropriate to youtube? I think putting these things on YT makes much more sense than providing the .krec file.

Thanks for posting the krecs / videos. Always a pleasure to watch. Can you post your match against smokeysm83 exodus?

Also, as someone else said, the last 3 krec links don’t appear to be working.

Now that’s a match!! not like that garbage that exo puts up, learn!!

I don’t think you can convert krec files into movie files.

I used a screen recorder instead (fraps).

Wow, some of these matches are amazing. Which way did you parry at 5:52/5:53 in Cruise vs nataku part2?

edit: fixed links

commander: unfortunately after posting the replays up i decided to flush out my replay folder, so i don’t have any replays anymore. i’ll be sure next time to keep replays for a week.

concerning a 2v2, i did plan for one, but it wouldn’t be anytime soon, as i wanted to finish this ranking battle to make it an official season. there will be 5 more single player ranking battles.

imagine having to qualify for a spot on a team that would be cool…:tup::tup: to exo for running these ranbats and making the best out of the online scene for 3s…is there one this fri? ill up for it if there is

the next one will be on sunday again, as im busy on friday and saturday.

exo and nataku would be the most broken team ever