4/13 Sova monthly @ Play Around Golf and Games

April 13th

Play A Round Golf and Games
10814 Warwick Blvd
Newport News, VA 23601

Tekken Dark Resurrection
$10 Entry
60/30/10 pay out
Tekken Dark Resurrection Teams
(2 on 2)
$5 Entry each
70/30 pay out

3S (Arcade, Version A)
$5 Entry
60/30/10 pay out

Smash Brawl
Not really sure how these will be run.

Anybody want to run Super Turbo to hype up the release of HD Remix?

Personally, I’d rather run arcade…

is there any kind of cvs there. 1 or 2.

You tell me you want practice before may. You want to play online on kaillera (horrible btw) and now you totally diss any valid practice you can get? Scrub:rolleyes: Marvel will be arcade, too. Ain’t no controller port on that shit.:lovin:

I could set that up if people actually wanna play it.

are the sticks fixed yet? if not then i like console for sure =/.

yall should start playing VS (like darkstalkers) so we can play somethin new, and fun. thats just my opinion though, it doesnt seem like yall are tired of the mainstream games yet :wonder:

When I stop having fun, I’ll tell you.

Btw, I’m not deciding whether or not the tourney is arcade or console for 3s. It’s just usually run that way and I’m passing on the good word. I don’t see what the big problem is though. It’s only 5 dollars, it’s not like it’s evo or something so stop whining.:wonder: It’s only one diagonal that’s sort of weird and you always have the option to switch sides.

i think everyone was heated when they kept getting bs’d on 3s cab sticks. im sure a few people were. but a 3 hour drive isnt that cool to scrub out on sticks.

i’d much rather see 3s on console if thats the case…

I’d enter ST if they ran it, but it doesn’t seem to spark a lot of interest in the 757.

Yeah, for you guys, that’s a long way to drive so I hear ya.

If that’s the case, the tourney can be run on both. I guess we can leave it up to the players. If both players agree to play console, I say let it be. But I can’t gaurentee that everyone who comes will bring an arcade stick. I know a lot of you are used to your own controllers and all, but there’s another side to this equation. A vast amount of people are going to expect to play it for the arcade, and they won’t have a stick. This is a tourney for an arcade game @ an arcade. Were here to have fun guys. Let’s keep it simple!:lovin:

TornadoFlame, it’s cool…i’ll still cheer you on in marvel.:wgrin:

Can’t make this one but I’ll be at next months for sure…