4/14 C3 Results!


  1. Rugal B
  2. Steve H.
  3. Jody Tha Don
  4. Young
  5. BMore Chun
  6. Pat Van Fucking Pelt
  7. Rockman
  8. Devil Jin
  9. Renegade
  10. BChan
  11. Eric Kim
  12. BB Hood
  13. Kikin

These are off the top of my head. I lost the brackets, but I think this is right.

It seems FRX was good for some. Rugal B channels the power of Parappa the Rapper with “You Gotta Believe!!!” Sak customs. BMore Chun obviously still needs to be more Chun.

Jody refuses to beat Steve in game one of losers’ finals when he gets Steve in CC with Sak with less than 40%, but chooses to do scrub custom with Hurricane Kicks :looney: Steve then refuses to beat Jody when Jody just whiffs a bunch of shit in his face. Steve finally takes the win, and I stop watching.

This is my first weekend using Blanka seriously in years. I think he’s gonna stick around.

BChan goes out before he gets the chance to implement Anti-Steve strategy. There’s always next month. :lovin: :lovin:

“<3” will never be the same.

Good shit guys. This was the first tournament I’ve run in years. Kind of a hassle, but fun regardless.


I guess you guys can get to 3S…

EDIT- Highlight of the day:

Me- Aight. We’re gonna head out to the tournament now.
Eric V- Yeah, no doubt. I’ll follow you guys there.
Me- Cool
Eric V- Actually, nah. I’m gonna go home, shower and change. I’ll call you in an hour for directions
Me- Cool.

24 hours later…
phone rings
Eric V- Waddup B?
Me- Huh…
Eric V- Yo, what happened at the tournament yesterday?
Me- Huh? What happened to you yesterday.
Eric V- Oh, I went home and went to sleep. Who won CvS?
Me- :confused:

I now know what “pulling an Eric V” means.

lmao, and smh~ LAME

3s from what i remember:

2.khang(ken, chun, yun, duds, ?)
3.ultradavid(CHUN…yup, and Q)
5.someone else is supposed to be here, but i dunno

i think the lower entry fees helped out the tournaments alot. saw alot of potential in 3s, even in some pad players(although i will convert them to stick asap). now, nothing against kikin but i think i would’ve won if we played on crt. i really wasn’t feeling that projector, the widescreen made it real hard to judge distances. great matches with everyone i played. this was one of the most fun tournaments i’ve played, i may stick with necro for a while. good to see that mr jiggles is alive and well. isaac graham+slogan tatoos have to be just about the gayest thing i’ve ever seen in person. and i hope everyone wished pat van pelt good luck on his last tournament ever:china:

Congrat’s to my lil hommie Jay. Best dudley i’ve played against.

good games to everyone i played in ST, learned alot. i was the gief player. great venue, looking forward to the next tournament.

GG results, copy/pasted from dustloop.

GG/ 2v2 Team Results~ (7 Teams)

1st GwyDan (PO) & Mohora (AB)
2nd Shazay (SL) & Steve H. (KY)
3rd DizzDan (DI) & Jeremy (KY)

u got any st results, lil steve?

Really fun tourney.

New c3 is nice, im lovin it.

GG’s to everyone i played really. um yeah, 2 tourneys in one weekend, what more can i say. the streak is on.

im really glad ultra david could make it out, nice meeting anthony the sova makoto player. ssbm has some decent looking girls in its community, maybe ill learn that. really cool seeing issac also. gg’s md cvs2 crew. Hav “excuse me please” eric lee? i saw you leaving as soon as i pulled up, thought u were coming back, guess not. gg’s khang.


quick st results:
1st UltraDavid
2nd kikin
3rd Robin(?)

oh god, they actually got the tattoo?

The EricV actually comes out, full fury.


gs on winning jay. solid matches the whole way, i saw u and ultradavid on the crt near the projector, tense match. now u know i don’t ego trip like that, but slogan’s was a free tourney. i treated it pretty much like casuals, having a good time. i don’t know bout other people, but i don’t(can’t?) really take it that serious when there’s nothing on the line.

ST Results

1.) UltraDavid (Honda, Zangief)
2.) Kikin (HyouBal)
3.) Robin (Boxer, Chun)
4.) Steve H. (Ryu)
6.) Pat Van Something Pelt (HyouBal, O. Sagat)
6.) Steve/Krost (Zangief)
8.) Charged (Honda, Ryu, maybe Claw? don’t recall)
8.) Biron (Guile)
12.) DevilJin (Blanka)
12.) Havoc (Ryu? Claw? don’t recall exactly)
12.) MOD (Dhalsim)
12.) Mr. Mamation (don’t remember, sorry)
14.) TornadoFlame (sorry)
14.) GhibliCat/Justin (Dictator)

Great tournament, guys! I had a blast. Someone (MOD maybe) said I was like a kid in a Street Fighter candy store, and my favorite flavor was free. Ah, competitive ST, how I miss you. And Third Strike was cool, but I’m getting really sick of that game.

thats fine i guess, theres always next time.

I’m fairly certain that Steve H. tied for 5th

2.khang(ken, chun, yun, duds, ?)
3.ultradavid(CHUN…yup, and Q)
4.eric k(necro)

I’ll do shout outs later, im beat. But it was overall one of the best C3’s for me personally.

i really missed the poker tournaments we usually play at the end, felt wrong not having it. RIP. ihop was godlike btw. what was the other half of the table talkin bout? too much random shit on our end, sitting next to jose inevitably brings random to the equation.

it might’ve been steve, dj, or tornadoflame. i don’t remember if i played dj or tf last, khang knocked out steve iirc.

no see I fought Eric K and Steve fought Khang. Then it was Eric K vs Khang. I specifically remember Steve going angry black all over Khang when he lost. Deviljin played Eric K in losers right before me. So if Eric K beat you after you lost to Jay, then you would have tied for 9th.

I ran the the 3rd brackets with Grant. I’m pretty sure im correct on this.

Good shit. 2 3S tourneys is better than one. Yeah…it was hard to get super serious about Slogan/Eric V’s tourney. I just kinda used it as practice for C3. Good shit with Eric using Necro at C3. Was good thinking to put him under the gun to really understand how to use him. I scrubbed out real bad in Threes but not to discredit Ultra Dave who played a solid Chun and Eric Kim’s Necro. It’s good to see Eric play a solid zoning game with Necro when he’s normally never not next to you pressing a button. Shows versatility.

Good shit Jay to winning both Braeburn and C3 3S. I knew you were good and it was only a matter of time till you took a tournament. Taking both tournaments on the same weekend though…that is way too good. Best EC Dudley fo sho. DC metro 3S is way too solid.

Good shit also to David of the North Star/MiyagiShinX for participating in both 3S tourneys and putting himself under the pressure of definitely what are some of the best 3S players in the country. You’re game is starting to improve and with some practice you’ll understand those weird matchups. Let’s see you come out to Evo East.

ST was hella fun and good to see that more than 10 people participated. Game is way too good to not throw some money on. Ultra Dave…you can’t escape…Threes. Hav did a great job running CVS2 and sorry B Chan for not letting you win. Hey…at least you can still play 3S. :lol:

LOL @ Shinshay coming in and beasting with Sean and then peacing out right after. I guess he just wanted a few casuals in before going back to real life. Good shit. Next time we meet up lets get some MM’s like old times.

Overall a great event and special thanks to Paul and Grant for running 3S at the drop of a dime and doing it well. The right equipment definitely helps and the projector screens are cool especially considering that they don’t lag for 2d fighters. CRT’s 4 life.

I’m 100% sure thats impossible. Eric K didn’t play Steve.

to be honest i don’t have the brackets to look at. Somebody has em.

ppfffffffttt i rape jay -_-

i know dude

bet it =O

I got 5 on Jay O_O

I’ll take 5 on King Khang