4/14 C3 Results!

your on hav


who where you in the HNK tourney???
HNK HyPe :smiley:

i like this hype

mm jay?
mm khang? ft5 $20?

winning ftw

mms lets go~!!!

ill accept all ft5f20 in 3S

gs, next c3 its goin down

glad i told about the FREE tourney you then since it seemed like you where looking forward to playing it

It was awesome hanging out with all you guys again. I’m sorry I come around so rarely, I really miss getting together with everyone. I was really happy with the amount of Third Strike I played, aka, pretty much only the tournament and maybe a dozen casual matches, max. My Super Turbo to Third Strike ratio was awesomely high.

Robin, thanks a million for driving me around, that was super awesome, and it was cool just hanging out, you’re a cool dude. Good games too, your characters definitely have ways to deal with HyouBal dives, just gotta figure them out. And Chun v. Gief, I’m telling you, jab fireball, jump toward short, legs (pushed back), jab fireball, jump toward short, legs (pushed back), super, repeat.

Steve/Krost and Biron, good times hanging out in ST. Steve, you really gotta get the tick into spd down, tick into bear grab is ok in some matchups but generally not as good as spd. When you finally get in as Gief, you need to deal at least half damage to your opponent, and spd is the best way to do that. Biron, I like your Guile and you have good execution, but I want more boom spacing and less walking up, and there are some matchup-specific tactics you gotta figure out. Oh yeah, and post on here about meeting up with people in Gaithersburg.

MOD, keep up with that Dhali, he’s a hard character to get good with, but once you get good with him you have a powerhouse. DevilJin, the Blanka is cool, you dealt with wall dives well heh, but Blanka has some footsies that you really need to start using. Pat, I liked your O. Sagat a lot more than your Vega, you were really on point with those tiger shots a few times. Steve, your Ryu is pretty good, you gotta learn some more stuff about the game and the matchups, but you space well, like you do in every game. Good games to Kikin too, even. Cool meeting Charged, GhibliCat, and TornadoFlame, too, good stuff guys. And good games/nice seeing Grant, Phil, and Khang, even though you didn’t play ST! Good stuff in loser’s finals Khang, you realized I have a hard time with Ken and exploited it, good stuff man. Grant I’ll come eat pho with you guys next time. I’m actually just about to go get some pho right now, actually heh.

Good games to everyone I played in the tourney, good casuals. I wanna see everyone in Super Turbo next time. I’m looking at you, Jay and Eric! Also we need some footage of ST, for reals.

IHOP after was really fun, first time I’ve been there cause I usually gotta take the metro before 2. Those blintzes were hot.

Damn, I didn’t get to play you at all in ST, UltraDavid - I was the dictator player with the demoralized look on his face lol. Nice meeting you though, especially since it’s a rare encounter. I was too entranced by the craziness of HNK; hopefully, we’ll get some of that action down here.

Again, second time coming to this event and it was hella fun. However, these drives are getting rough on me. Unless I get someone else to drive up there, I probably won’t be showing up to these as often. Someone mentioned the widescreen projection in the 3s room and I wasn’t feelin that either, but other than that the venue was excellent. Met a lot of cool dudes: MOD - good shit in 3s, I’ll give you more of those yang mirrors sometime, Biron & Krost - good stuff in ST, hope to see more of that. I was actually kinda disappointed that there weren’t any random team events in either 3s or ST (I left around 11 though so maybe I missed out?), but that might’ve been due to the lack of people or the new time restriction? Oh well, good stuff anyway guys, maybe I’ll make it to more of these in the future.

Good shit to everyone. I really miss playing you guys. Maybe one weekend Robin will allow me to enter :sad:. I truly love the new place, but there is one thing that must be addressed. That wide screen projector looks tight, but is definitely not good for fighting games. My zoning was really off. Kikin must’ve cr. rh me with Ken like 5 times back to back and all were unblocked as I thought that I was out of range.

Nice seeing Isaac fucking graham in the house again. Tourney results are mad interesting. If you guys got vids please send them to me. I’ll put them on my site.

NKen haven’t seen you in a minute. Thanks for blessing us with your presence.

I couldn’t give the dap to all my homies, but I’ll catch you all again next time.

GO SEAN :tup:

is it possible to move smash into that dark room, or at least move them upstairs? capcom and tekken could easily share that large main room. i think we need the space more, because of people that want to play on the floor with their sticks need that space, smash people just need the space for their chairs.

I liked the cave

i liked raping in the cave too, but i did go out into the main room to wall dive.

The cramped/dark feeling of the cave made it feel like a real arcade!

Yeah…I didn’t mind the lack of space in the cave seeing that there weren’t a ton of people really in there at any one time. People were playing games and it wasn’t like at other venues where the same staff member is walking back and forth telling you to clear the walkway. I’m playing/watching SF…move out of MY WAY. :lol: People here generally know who’s who so there’s not as big of an issue as far as looking for people for tourneys. Projector screen should definitely ONLY be for casuals. Characters are too streched out and like Shinshay said…it’s hard to judge spacing.

Gs to everyone now lets take this energy to evo east. Young gunz are def coming up our scene is the HOT SPOT for fighting games on the EC. Now we just need to prove it.



  1. Rugal B
  2. Steve H.
  3. Jody Tha Don
  4. Young
  5. BMore Chun
  6. Pat Van Fucking Pelt
  7. Rockman
  8. Devil Jin
  9. Renegade
  10. BChan
  11. Eric Kim
  12. BB Hood
  13. Kikin

These are off the top of my head. I lost the brackets, but I think this is right.

It seems FRX was good for some. Rugal B channels the power of Parappa the Rapper with “You Gotta Believe!!!” Sak customs. BMore Chun obviously still needs to be more Chun.

damn nigga’s was beasting in cvs2 good shit team h8 memeber’s

Interesting results, Good job to all the placers and the Hate brothers. :lol:
Cant wait for Evo East now.

Eric K in cvs2???

Khang: Whats going on homie? Hit me up.

:lovin: :lovin: :lovin: :lovin: :lovin: :lovin: IFG “<3”:lovin: :lovin: :lovin: :lovin: :lovin: :lovin:

OMG BE CAREFUL. I learned the hard way that some of them girls aint girls :V.

i was wondering, did this thing actually run on time as threatened?