4/15/2007 - Hawaiian Brians 3rd Strike

1st: Dagger G - Remy
2nd: Lev - Yun
3rd: Shin - Ken
4th: Joo - Ken, Chun

GG’s to especially Kyle. Fucking on fire tonight. Boy am I glad he’s on my SBO team.

yo, i have a place in honlulu, where is this 3s comp? please tell me its an arcade.

**Congrats to Dagger G for winning 3rd strike! Remy beating Yun? Amazing stuff man, you are quite the beast!:smile:

Me and my sister would have entered to support the scene, but we’re saving our money for moving into our new place which is gonna cost a fortune(hauling all our stuff in the taxi)…
Oh well, we’ll try to enter the next one.

GG’s to all 3rd strike players!
Keep up the good work.**

@ kikin: It’s an arcade. http://www.google.com/maps?hl=en&safe=off&output=search&q=Hawaiian+Brian’s+Billiards+Pro+Shop&fb=1&cid=0,0,17276629033930716974&near=Honolulu,+HI&oi=manybox&ct=10&cd=1&resnum=1

good job my peeps.