4/15 SoVA monthly "fools come out in april"

Date: Sunday April 15, 2007

Location: Play-A-Round Golf and Games
89 Nelson Dr.
Newport News, VA

Time: Signups start at 2pm. Tourney starts at 3:30pm

Games: Tekken DR, MVC 2, 3rd Strike

Possible side tournaments (not confirmed): CVS2, VF 5, Tekken DR teams

Entry Fee: $10 for Tekken DR and MVC 2
$5 for 3rd Strike

Pay outs: 70/20/10 possible 4th place getting entry fee back

Ok people the last monthly we had turned out great with a lot of the OG players coming out so lets keep it coming.

the above was just copy and pasted

robin sorry again the date is the 15th and so close after C3 i dont want to pull anyone away from your tournament but i do encourage all of SOVA to make both if they can and if NOVA or anyone else can make it to ours sweet!

to the people who have never been to PAGG before
its got a really nice open arcade with a backroom for console tournaments (as long as no party is on that day and cleared first probably venue fee as well) and really decent food with tables right behind t5 and MvC2 and in front of 3rd strike
which i belive last tournament people were playing card games and melty blood?

as far as MvC2 goes its cabnit with great sticks but take some getting use to. please if you can get casuals in as much as possible they are short sticks but i assure you they work fine :slight_smile:

T5 incase anyone on this board cares (which i doubt b/c they would be on TZ!!!) cabby sticks work fine i just wish the volume was louder since i play everything by ear! and i am sure it will be b/c i am saying somethign when i get ther!
but the team tournament would be played on console assuming consoles are allowed thats unconfirmed atm
same would go for MvC2 team tournament if time permets it or we dont get enough heads for CvS2

3rd strike-cabby but the sticks weren’t the greatest i hope they have been replaced since then

anyway see you guys at PAGG we really need a cool name for our monthlys…like we set our dates teh day after your tournaments…something like wsodtdbyt monthlys? like that robin :wink:

for those playing marvel, the sticks are very short, but they are p360s… so that makes up for it

i sincerely hope they changed the 3s sticks, those sticks stole the height from the 360s on marvel lol… i think its possible to put a spacer on the marvel sticks to jack them up almost an inch, someone should check that out.

the tourney will be fun though :smiley: so far i know isaac graham and I will be there, i think victor said hes coming and when i talk to eric v im sure he will come… ill talk to more people on friday or if i see them before that

I’ll most likely be there. Porbably coming with Ryry and maybe some other people. I’ll try to get Scooter to go too.

Yeaaaaaaaaa, pagg!

See you bitches there for 3s.

i’ll try and make it.

mr isaac is coming? sweet
last time marvel had what 30 people?
i hear C3 doesnt even get MvC2 tournaments much
anyone confirm or deny this please?

never been to PAGG. maybe i can catch a ride with someone.

well hes supposed to be coming to stay with me next weekend and what not…

c3 gets marvel tournies if I run it… which i usually do if i see enough people.

Pat, im sure you could get a ride with vic, eric v or me (whoever is driving)

100% i will be sexing with shawn all weekend. Dave, bring omar and sham and ian, i havent seen u guys in fucking eons.

SyberNinja, going to show up at PAGG this weekend on sat or sun? The stick is fine, the buttons need to be worked on. Dashes weren’t coming out sometimes when pressing lp+hp.

Hit me up anytime before next weekend. I’ll be up for some 3s.

yes bring omar sham greg and shit
it was mad fun with them down last time

looks like marvel will be the bgi event yet again this month lol

t5 held its own though had like 29?
3rd strike needs more people i think we had a full 16 man but that shit pulls way more then that everywhere else and i KNOW this area has some 3rd strike players if a local had like what 20+ people?

i have to work sat but if they are open sunday YES i will be ther i am asking on tz if they are open and yet to hear a response

you got a cell number pimp? i got 10x’s i need yours to sir

check your pm.

Whoo! Sounds like party sexy time.

I’ll see who all wants to go, it is kinda short notice, so no promises.

and where the hell are the vids from the last one!

u said u’de never cheat on me u asshole:sad: :sad: :sad:

bump this shit up

I think there are videos on youtube under SyberNinja’s account.

i will try to show up. a shame this will probably be the only mvc2 of the year for richmond.

i’ll try to show up to this…slogan!!!