4/15 SoVA Monthly Results

First off I want to thank everyone for driving out in such bad weather. Sorry that the tournament started later that I wanted, but I didn’t want to leave anyone out that came late because of the weather. Special thanks go out to Isaac Graham for running the MVC 2 brackets for me.

Tekken 5 DR

1st- Ryry

2nd- Whodat

3rd- Loc

4th- SMP

5th- SyberNinja

5th- Millionz

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

1st- Isaac

2nd- Eric V

3rd- George

4th- Victor

5th- SMP

5th- Scooter

3rd Strike

1st- Victor

2nd- Eric V.

3rd- SyberNinja

4th- Charged

5th- Magneto

5th- Slogan

mvc2 needs bigger sticks, and new switches on the buttons. that fucked everyone over. other tahn that ggs.

I had so much fun at this tourney, saw all the old <3’s. SUPER shoutout to slogan for housing us all weekend, and for getting married to me. If u guys hold these monthly, me and george prolly start comin to all of them. Hope to see u guys at evo east!!

Shit, I wish I could have made it…but life owns me. Victor won 3s…wtf…

gs to all VA…mad fun…you guys are mad kool…shout out to my father slogan…dude i love u…lol…had a good time…cant wait for the next time we go up there…and victor ur the man…gs to everyone

“<3” tattoo FTW SON…and im from cali by the way…lawls

yeah guys mad fun…my marvel skills are still in the super lacking department
im stuck in 2000 i need to catch up lol

i didnt have any problems with the marvel sticks everything i screwed up on was my fault WITH THE EXCEPTION OF SPIRAL TELEPORT SLOGAN YOU CHEATING BITCH! :sweat: lol
but i am just one man and didnt exactly make it far…

10x shame you didnt show up man we were all looking for ya

i kept getting better and better at tekken…even though i cant stand the game its the only game in sova that people play with the exception of charged and 10x

i have the vids and tried to put them on my cpu but thanks to some problems it wont work…so if HVS doesnt mind i am going over to his house tonight to take care of some things and i will add that to my list

anyway i had a BLAST mad shout outs but not now lol
cant wait to see you guys at the next one…and i hope to have better turn outs!

Bah I need to stop sandbagging in tournaments. It was real sweet though for owning me at the end with ragon demon when I did dp wakeup but a real embarassment lol.

slogan whas good with the vids? stop beating off to isaac’s mag raping and post them up lol. :tup:

oh yea and that taunt cancel in 3s was accidental i layed my hand down…thats how gay the controls are.

chareD when u coming on kaillera lol this shit is on every day funny ass shit talkin for hours.

u know mvc2, 3s, and cvs2 are coming online right? nulldc emulator getting closed to gettin done.

and if anyone from nova wants to play mvc2 or 3s hit me up for casual games.

I’m on god weapon every weekday around 9 pm.

Yeah I was the multi-talent there…lolz…jk…
Syberninja ur the man nuff said…

haha man i wasnt worried about the taunt ;p i dont see why people make a big deal of it, i do it because it powers up the character, not to be like zomg im cool

ill get the vids up soon, i have them on my computer, but yea, i am pretty lazy :smiley:

fuckin george, grego… my cousin from cali… i love you

is any tourney footage going to be posted?

Hey, got some videos from the tournament, mainly for MvC2. I need some help identifying some people though. Post a comment on the video if you know who it is.

??? vs Charged

??? vs Zen

SMP vs Big Dave

DragonCharlz vs Teddy

DragonCharlz vs ???

Next time I’ll have more videos more likely.

i think the other player vs charged was scooter maybe?
not 100% sure but the team looked like a team he would play i havent watched the rest yet

tornado i have work allweekend :frowning: nut maybe something for next week

naw, i dont think it’s scooter in the vid with charged. i have no idea who that is. scooter was only playing msp and santhrax.

I played like a freakin’ noob btw, hopefully i can get some skillz in time for the next one.

i got a couple vids up, even some from friday night casuals

my youtube name is “Slogan8rdon8r” i dont feel like linking them all

http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=slogan8rdon8r bro :wtf:

you only got 3 vids up now.

hit refresh, they are coming up as we speak… i was just jumpin the gun

no go bro