[4/16/10] NYC Chinatown Fairs - CHRIS HU Fundraiser SFIV Tournament Singles @ 8pm

Sad day guys -

By now I’m sure most of you have heard about the fire in Chinatown that devastated many homes, including our fellow street fighter Chris Hu.

Chris is a close friend of mine, we got into the SFIV scene together, he was my asian brother-in-crime at CF’s first ever 2v2. I want to take this Friday’s tournament and make it a fundraiser tournament:

Also, some people have been asking for me to start a little later, so this Friday we will be having it an hour later; please be here, signed-up and paid by 7:45pm - No exceptions. People were on time last Friday and I was really impressed, so yes, we will keep that rule as usual.

Street Fighter IV Singles @ 8pm

Chinatown Fairs
8 Mott Street
New York, NY 10003

[]Entry fee is $10 per person
]Double Elimination - 2/3 sets
[]Losers/Winners/Grand Finalas 3/5 Sets
]You are responsible for paying per play since it is the Arcade
[*]All the entry money (plus any extra donations) WILL go to Chris Hu

I will get a card and write the names of all the people who helped pitch in the pot - come and support, it will mean a lot to me and especially to Chris.


Get 'em Andy! I’ll do my best to be there!

I wish chris and his family the best of luck in recovering anything possible and getting back on their feet asap. I hate when bad things happen to our friends like this. It’s also ashame that it happened to many others as well who lost a lot in the fire.

Best of luck chris hu!

I’m most definitely in there. CTF as a whole community needs to show Chris Hu some support, let’s do that this Friday!

Hey all,

Just a quick update; I found Chris and had a late dinner with him. He’s well, a bit shaken up but in good spirit. He appreciates what the community has done so far and wanted me to convey his gratitude. Anyway, we will all continue to pitch in!

I’ll be at this tournament probably 10-15 minutes late AutoDemon. I am definitely coming though so if you could add me to bracket I would appreciate it.

Oh good shit I just realized this is singles… but why keep losers/winners/grand 2 outta 3 ?? I understand you wanna run it faster but you shouldnt jus shave down the sets like that

My bad, I mean’t 3/5 sets for loser/winners/grand finals; I was copying and pasting from previous posts

Wish I could make this. I’ll throw $10 into the Paypal instead. Hopefully lots of people show up and help out.


hey does anyone know if there is gonna be a stream or not?

I couldn’t make it but I still wanna donate is there a way that I can get some money to you??