[4/16/10] NYC Chinatown Fairs SFIV "Chris Hu Fundraiser" Singles Tournament Results

Hey all,

Despite the rain tonight, we still had a good turnout.

16 entrants

Damdai (Ryu)
Auto-Demon (Gouki)

  1. Hollywood (Ryu)
  2. Wayne (Blanka)
  3. PoeM (Boxer)
  4. MegamanSteve (Gouki)
  5. Bob Sagat (Sagat)
  6. David (Boxer)
  7. Adnan (Dhalsim)
  8. Ahmed (Ryu)
  9. Nate (El Fuerte)
  10. The Laziest (Boxer)
  11. John (Dictator)
  12. Mark (Ken)
  13. Rhys (Boxer)
  14. Spidey (Boxer)

Shouts to Damdai for staying in winners undefeated. I was put in the losers by Hollywood, and then played him again in losers finals and made it into grand finals. However, Damdai didnt want to play it out (he was afraid that Id beat him / lame him out) so we smiled and went to dinner.

I want to thank everyone for coming out tonight and showing your support for Chris; he didnt stay all the way through but he was very touched.

yours truly,


I’m mad free.

Where the emp players at.

Nice to see the community come together and show support for a friend in need. Good shit auto-demon and everyone else.

I saw Flash Metroid playing casuals against Damdai all the way until the tournament started then he ran off somewhere; guess he didn’t want to help the pot

Hey Sanford and Arturo was there too - the boys sat out… hey S and A why didn’t y’all enter?

i donated 50$ to chris by paypal and just didnt feel like entering. didnt you ask me about this in person man? and i told you what the deal was?

Yo I know, some people asked; this way I don’t have to quote you Art