4/16 MvC2 & T5 - Philly Paddle Weeklies

1 - Brandon Deshields
2 - Bryheem Keyes
3 - Josh Wong
4 - Alex Anderson
5 - Julian Robinson
5 - Damian Eklund

1 - Josh Wong
2 - Bryheem Keyes
3 - Julian Robinson
4 - Brandon Deshields
5 - Alex Anderson
5 - Damian Eklund

Where in the hell was Rick M.? Bryheem plays tekken? Mike B.? What in the hell is happening in philly? Is the u.p. truly dead? No philly at final round? Blazini banned? Dead-cell Counters brandon? Bryheem vs. D.C. guantlet at E.c.c.x? Not exactly 21 questions but i do want to know the answers! How close were finals? What teams did josh and bryheem play against eachother?

i’m countering paddle with agetech next time… only mas can fuck with agetech…

or somebody thats better using another agetech… i’ll counter you by giving bryheem my own green goblin.

Haha, paddle rules. :nunchuck:

good shit lazy.
wha were chars used in tekken?

Mvc2 Teams:

D.hyo- Mag/Cable/Cammy /Santhrax/ /MSP/

Mr.Random- /Scrub/ /MSP/ cable/doom/capcom

LZJ- /Scrub/ sent/cyc/capcom

Tekken 5 chars:

LZJ- Brian, Feng, steve

Mr. Random- Steve, nina, jack-5

Julian Robinson- Feng, Jack-5, Murdock

come feel my mashhhing powwer

lol a paddle tourny. too good. when did josh get a goblin.