[4/17] MAXOUT Season 2 finale


Results from memory, full results later.

All games had a 8 man bracket besides SFIV. Attendance was about 40+ this time. Best turnout we’ve had since the FIRST maxout when SFIV premiered. Hopefully for our SSFIV premiere we can beat those numbers.

SFIV had 10 teams of 2 for teams, and a singles attendance of 25.

Tekken 6

1st - AxioM (Eddy/Law)
2nd - Boxbrosg (Christie)
3rd - Eugene (Panda/Nina/Anna)
4th - Count Smakula (Hwoarang)
5th - Ocie (Paul)


Ranbat season finale Grand finals
Blargh (Arakune) vs CactusGuy (Hakumen) (Blargh wins)

Tatsunoko vs Capcom

1st - Sang
2nd - Chachi
3rd - DrunkNinja
4th - Luigi182


1st - Chachi (Deejay/Guile/Vega)
2nd - Focra (Fei Long)
3rd - Boxbrosg (Ken/Cammy)
4th - AxioM (Ryu)

Guilty Gear Accent Core

1st - AxioM (Sol)
2nd - NotSake (Testament/Baiken)
3rd - Luminaire (Johnny)
4th - Boxbrosg (Venom)
5th - Eugene (Testament)

Street Fighter IV Teams

1st - Team JSPoT Wins (Jspot/Kevin Nguyen)
2nd - Team DRANK (Chachi/GetThere1time)

Street Fighter IV Singles

1st - ScampJohnson (Sim)
2nd - Kevin Nguyen (Boxer/Ken/Rufus)
3rd - AxioM (Ryu)
4th - TwilightFox (Chun)
5th - Lyquid (Rufus)
5th - Sang (Viper)

Shoutouts later.


Street Fighter IV

1st - TwilightFox - 34
2nd - AxioM - 17
3rd - Chachi - 15
4th - Lyquid - 14
5th - Boxbrosg - 13

Tekken 6

1st - AxioM - 34
2nd - The FOUNDER - 24
3rd - Boxbrosg - 18
4th - Eugene - 15
5th - Count Smakula - 7


1st - B1argh - 34+
2nd - CactusGuy - 34-
3rd - Radian - 11
4th - Prod1gy - 10
5th - AxioM - 8

Guilty Gear Accent Core

1st - AxioM - 32
2nd - Boxbrosg - 26
3rd - NotSake - 20
4th - The FOUNDER - 18
5th - Zer0 - 9


1st - Chachi - 29
2nd - Jude - 20
3rd - Boxbrosg - 17
4th - AxioM - 13
5th - Grog - 10


Yo Full results are:

SF4 Teams
Champion: J-spots Nguyens
2nd: Team Drank
3rd: Run Stop Racism
4th: Menace to sobriety
5th: Team Hammer and Sickle
5th: Team I don’t know
7th: Team Shadowlaw
7th: Team SGL

Champion: Scamp
2nd: Kevin Nwin
3rd: Axiom
4th: Twilightfox
5th: D-Fens
5th: Sang
7th: Jungle_Chief
7th: Big Dick Fuerte

Champion: Axiom
2nd: BoxbroSG
3rd: Eugene
4th: Count Smakula
5th: JSPoT
5th: Ocie

Champion: Axiom
2nd: Notsake
3rd: Luminaire
4th: BoxbroSG
5th: Euegene

Champion: Chachi
2nd: Focra
3rd: BoxbroSG
4th: Axiom
5th: DrunkNinja
5th: Jessurugi
7th: JSPot
7th: Masaki

Champion: DrunkNinja
2nd: Chachi
3rd: Jungle_Cheif
4th: J-Spot
5th: Euegene
5th: Luigi182
7th: Axiom

Thanks to everyone who has made it out to the 2nd season finally of Maxout. And a special thanks to Glen for not entering the SF4 tournament and making the bracket lob sided for whoever may have challenge him. This has been the most sober I’ve been running a tournament but it was also the most fun I had running the event.

To the guys at STL thanks for bringing your A-team. It was fun getting to know Andrew, Hector, and Edward better. And Congrats to Andrew for winning.

Johnatan “JPSoT” Nguyen thanks for the equipment bro. See grand finals on the big screen and everyone watching was a real treat for everyone. I hope you can do the same for future tournaments.

Sang thanks for coming all the way from Springfield to show us that Springfield still has players.

Also a very special shout out to all the out of town guys keeping our aksys scene alive.

And finally congrats to all the KC ranbat winners Kong, John, and Drew.

Thanks for making this event happen guys and hopefully I can see you all next time when Super Street Fighter 4 will hit the scene next month. Or at Aerial Rave next week at STL anime convention.


feels unloved :sad:

Also, I FT5’d a non-sober Radian in SF4. Results for that were Radian winning 5-4 :looney:

Anyway, good shit guys. I’m looking forward to the hype SSF4 will bring w/ it’s release!



Le - Man, you are a good T.O. You are like a slave to your work. I notice your reluctance to give up your chair and take a break. A man of passion. Without your help, these tournaments would be even more stressful for me, but thanks to your efforts, we run these things like clockwork, every time. I know it’s stressful for you, especially the longer it goes, but you do a great job. Good shit. Enter more games next time.


Glen - You’re the man. Thanks for trying so hard for our scene. Bringing your guys out and having them show their stuff was really fun. The kings are training them very well, and it seems that even the STL A-Team (not S) is on top of us. We’re getting better too, so someday WE WILL REACH THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN! See you next week at Anime STL.

Scamp - SO beast. You sandbagged the night before the tournament didn’t you? I need to play your Sim more because it is CLEAR that KC can’t deal with Dhalsim, especially not one that controls space as well as you do. Untouchable in tournament play. Well done my friend. See you again soon.

Hector - Big dick fuerte was repping hella in teams. I watched a few of your matches. Our Fuertes could learn from you. Your shirt is incredible btw.

Edward - You will get there with Chun. Punishment seems to be your biggest problem right now, but that all comes with time and practice. Glad you enjoyed playing on the stage. I know I did. Hope you’ll come out again. Meanwhile, be sure to talk to Glen, Allen and especially Ramennoodle about Chun Li. He mains her, and he is local to you.


Torrey - You are a soldier. ALWAYS making our tournaments. I wish I could return the favor, but I’m still waiting on the next big one you guys host at Metagames! You’re very patient with Gief, that was a lot better than the last time you were here. Work on punishing fireballs on reaction with greenhand, and lariat vs ANY jumpins. Hope to see you next time.

Sang - Pretty damn good Viper. At least from what I can tell, having not played too many. Taking Kong down in the first match was the biggest upset in the tournament. I look forward to your improvement. Congrats for taking TvC.

Warden - We missed you bro.


GREAT showing fellas. A LOT of new faces, and the BEST and HYPEST Maxout we have had yet.

JSPoT - Thank you so much for doing all the work to set up that stage. That MADE this tournament. I hope we’ll continue seeing you, because not only does your setup clearly add to the hype of the tournaments, but your improvement in skill is becoming hard to ignore. The longer the day went on, the more I found myself less and less upset you beat me in teams. You are just better than you were before, and had little to do with me. Good shit. I hope we will see you in the top 5 in SSFIV.

Kong - EVERYONE has a bad day, even you champ. It was obvious you had a lot on your mind… Sorry you couldn’t perform as well as we all know you could have, but there will be next time. And hey, you’re going to be even MORE of a beast… SSFIV Chun. Chin up buddy.

New guys to the SF scene (Catgirlfanatic, Blargh, NickMito, KC Notorious) - glad to have you aboard.

Blargh - Excellent job taking BlazBlue. I’m still gonna beat your ass when CS hits. :lol: Your Seth is coming along great. I’m sure we will see you jump in skill quickly. Keep coming to hookups, and asking questions, and it’s inevitable.

Boxy - consistent all across the board. Just keep in mind what I said about improvement, and hey, maybe you’ll be WINNING the tournaments next time. Fun times drunken master. Fun times.

Eugene - What a scrub, trying to random me out with Panda. Almost worked too. You let Boxy take you down though. . looks like you two are due for a fight for that #2 spot. Next week seems more hype already…

Kevin - Best first tournament performance ever? Just maybe. 1st in teams, 2nd in singles, and the highest placer from KC. I suppose we have a new champ. Congratulations again, my friend. I routed against you quite a lot, simply out of spite for someone that could come out to their first tourney and do so well, but some people are just naturals. Next time, I’ll be in your corner, you certainly proved yourself. Come to more hookups, and continue making the tournaments. We could use your skill.

GetThere1Time - Nick, you continue to creep up to the top in KC. It’s inevitable. Great showing in teams. Playing last night was a lot of fun as well.


NotSake/Luminaire - As always, your attendance is appreciated. Without you guys, we probably wouldn’t even bother running GG anymore, and that’d be a shame. Clearly, you’re both improving at the game too. Had I lost to you guys this time, I’d even be practicing it again. Next time.

THANKS again everyone. If I missed you, I’m sorry. Look for the SSFIV premiere tournament of MAXOUT next month!


Sounds like this was one hell of a tourny, sucks i missed it. Did you guys do the pancake breakfast? :slight_smile:

The mysterious kevin came out and proved himself, nice.

Good shit to ScampJohnson, he got that silly sim!

Can’t wait to see KC this weekend!


Yeah man you gotta make it out to the next one. We are making these things pretty hype now. And we have more players coming out of the woodwork too. We need more STL kings to come down and help us out a bit.

Thanks to everyone who came out, especially stl. Great so see you guys, you were all very cool and very fun to play/talk to and drink with. My beer is your beer anytime you want one!

Edward - You are very good for somebody who hasnt played that long. Being around those guys in STL will make you a serious force to be reckoned with very soon.

Scamp - Good to see a Sim player, you guys are a rare breed. Try to get some Cammy experience, that is a very hard match up for sim so it will take a bit to be comfortable with dealing with her pressure and the fact that she can get in on Sim for free.

Glen - Thanks for the 5 word advice, helped me in my first team match. I reverted back to old habits a bit later in singles but it is something I will for sure keep in mind while I’m playing from now on. Takes a little time to break bad old habits. Also thanks for the all night long ass beating you gave me.

Hector - Gotta love the Fuerte and the shirt, fits you so well, haha. Keep in touch with our other fuerte players to drop some knowledge on them.

Jspot - why to take down teams man. You’re just as annoying as the last time I played you. Fuerte hurts my head. Glad my last second Chun advice helped a little.

Axiom - you had my number in Tekken. I kept it close but couldn’t finish it off. Our matches are such a turtle fest, so hard to get hyped by such boring matches. Even with law it’s kind of a boring match, we just don’t want to be near each other in that game, lol.

Le - hell of a job running the tournament. Wish you would have drank more but I understand why you couldn’t.

To the springfield guilty gear players, good job, I dont know the baiken match AT ALL. She counters everything I do. Guess I will need to actually read up on the fight.

Dave - Never pick the bear, we don’t have such a lack of match up knowledge where we can’t beat him. He doesn’t have enough shenanigans to pull it off. You also dropped a lot of stuff with Nina, gotta tighten that up a little.

Hope to see everyone at the next Maxout, super street fighter is going to be HYPE HYPE HYPE!!! Hopefully scamp winning will make more STL players want to try there hand at Kansas money.


Did anyone happen to take pictures of the setups? Like, the stage, the tables, the bar, etc?

If anyone has pictures they can share from the event, I’d like to use them in marketing future tournaments. It’d be appreciated, thank you.

If not, I’ll get them at the next one.


Unfortunately, I’m kicking myself for bringing my camera and forgetting the fucking battery. Some journalist I turn out to be. I saw someone WITH a camera there and I did get some pictures with my phone but honestly, the only thing I know for sure we HAVE is the god damn vids of the finals.


Good shit everyone! Thanks for the tips on Gief, though I have a feeling I’ll be in the shop with my ol’ boy Hawk for a while. And yeah, we’ll definitely let you guys know once we get another big tourney going!


TIME FOR THE SHOUT OUTS!!! tooo many damn ppl(for me at least).

first and foremost, thanks to axiom/radian for the hospitality and for lettin hector and i crash…well, i didnt sleep but ill thank you guys on hector’s behalf.

axiom - you play a bit better everytime i see you. it was great seein ya have a pretty big win streak goin during casuals. sorry i had to jump in there. i just tried to help the others out so they could play. i know i would want to play the out of towners. the venue was mad chill and i agree the hype was pretty high…cuz i’m hella tight and sat out. you can bet your ass we’ll come down again depending if i can get peeps goin of course. i should move on to others.

le - hella great job on runnin the show. made everything very fun and you knew when to place the better matches on the big screen. LOVED our casual matches. i love to experiment. find new shit with moves ppl rarely use. if there was only 1 hing i could say about your gameplay, it would be spotting throws and to tech them. it seems alot of your damage taken is from throws. anywho, you best believe we gonna get in those car bombs soon.

chachi - good job on teams. after your explaination on why you beat yourself up during matches, i can see why you do it, but sometimes it kinda makes things awkward. might wanna work on that. just because of our casual matches, you probably shouldnt have said what you said. if it makes you feel any better, you werent the only one loosing to me. you still got alot of practicing to do and im sure you know what you have to wok on.

d-fens/lyquid - imma call you d-quid. didnt get to chill with you much. its always a good time seein ya. maybe next time, we’ll get to hang out more.

getthere0times - my boy right here. great showing on teams first off. imo, you the one that shows the most desire to wanting to get better in my eyes. just gotta know what moves to use at specific times, my dude. lot of times, doin target combo into ultra would have won you the match but you would do s. fp into tornado. you hella funny man. next time we hang out, we gotta analyze some casuals and hype to fight ratio that shit. HYPETIO! also, “watch out smokin next to those propane tanks”. “yo nick, i got this. smoke FADC backdash”.

box - np. you request some advice 5 words or less. I DELIVERED SON! UNGH! you know me, gotta spread that midwest love. i know cammy is a hell of a character to play, but im a firm believer that sticking with stuff no matter how tough it is will reward you greatly in the end. much respect believe it.

kong- OH WADDUP! can’t forget about my kc brotha. next time i visit, i wanna see a kong v kevin ft5 match. i wont say much since alot of what i want to say involve you being late for the tourney and i dun wanna disrespect. ill let you do it since its your doing. missin the food hook up = shame on you son. should be a tradition. after every tournament, food hook up. go out, eat fantastic food, chill with your crew, most important, have fun. next time, you gotta join, deal?

jspizzle - the joker of KC. i feel bad we didnt get to truely talk till the end, but next time, bet your ass imma chat my ass off hella around you fo sho.

everyone else - zana, focra, etc. i know who you are but i just gotta speed this up if i wanna make the block party. OH YEAH! good shit to all. we’ll see each other again.

(oh nooooooo, i cant hold it in any longer…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)
soo nice to be free at last. time to continue my assery. got nothin to say but…stl wins s2 finale max out. it is stl who sent vanilla sf4 the farewell it deserved. let’s see what super has to offer. LETS GO KC!


Helluva fun Tourney in KC

Big Thnx to everybody in KC that was at the tourney or helped run it. I met a ton of you and can’t remember all the names. That was by far the most fun I’ve had at a tournament

Big thnx to radian and axiom for the hospitality at the hookup (shots of whiskey at a hook up, Hell’s Yeah… that’ll get me there) and running the tourney. Thnx axiom for the advice at the tourney… too bad I was too drunk to remember any of it.

Big thnx to BoxBros for hooking my drunk ass up w/ beer after i dominated the case me and scamp brought. The hookup was to much fun to pace myself. Also helluva fun match in singles… screw that Akuma… aaargghh.

Big thnx to Symsar for holding the camera when i was too liquored up to hold the damn thing right side up :xeye:

Special props to Nick for coining the word “HYPETIO”… I guarantee it’ll get plenty of use.

Special props to Glenn for hyping the tournament enough to actually get my lazy ass out to it and making me laugh so hard I think I now have a hernia “I’M GONNA TAKE MY PANTS OFF!”

Grats Scamp - awesomely consistent play all day in singles…

Hector - Had a lot of fun bullshitting w/ you at the tourney and the hats were classic… I thought for sure u were gonna place top 3. Too damn many fuerte players in KC… they have lots of practice.

I guess thats it :bgrin:


Thanks KC!

Best time I’ve had doing anything in a while! Toads is the perfect venue for Street Fighter.

General Axiom - Thanks for hosting such a hype hookup! Friday night whiskey and trash bags! Your pad is the shiz! Coulda used one more SFIV setup, but so hype none the less. No sandbagging on Fri., just a little tired and drunk. Okay, I may have been doing a little recon. Great fight in singles! I can see why you hold KC’s two slot uncontested.

Le - Thanks for hosting such a hype hookup! Friday night whiskey and trash bags! Your pad is the shiz! Coulda used one more SFIV setup, but so hype none the less. j/k STELLAR job running SFIV Teams and Singles. Never seen anyone run one better. Hopefully I can play with your Dic next time I’m in town. :wtf: Loved chatting with you at the hookup and loved watching your upbeat positive attitude at the tourney.

Gat player - Nice to meet you (sorry, I’m bad with names). Hopefully you learned something from watching Player beat down my Sim.

Focra - I like your style! Run stop racism? lol that must have been Hector’s idea. Seizure matches were awesome to watch! Way too funny. :smokin: before those next time.

Nick!!! - You’re just plain awesome dude. Remember cr.mp against axioms jump ins. Hyptio will live forever. I’m so glad I got to chill with you on Sat., can’t wait to do it again.

Boxbro. - Like your style too! My Mom is 4/5 Irish and a fifth of Scotch, so I’m loving the nonstop Guinness action. Thanks for sharing at the hookup. But boo on you for trying to expose my weaknesses during grand finals. lol Hope to run that back soon. Take care.

Jspot - Station 0 was off the banger!!! Good lookin’ out dude, that big screen really increases the overall tourney Hyptio. Your attitude is fantastic, I’m sorry I didn’t get to chill with you more. Glad you and Hector hit it off. “Yo Jspot, you want the rest of this beer?” “No,* yes.*” :lol:

Chachi - Great Ryu! Thanks for fighting friday night. Good show at the tourney. Just a piece of advice: if you had passed on the $5 import, you could have easily gotten two or three domestics instead. It was great bs’ing with you, you’re a funny dude.

Barista #1 :wink: - GREAT Chocolate Turtle latte! Thanks for hooking me up with water early on too, and letting me pay for my coffee with large bills.

Kevin - Good stuff on your first tourney! Dash ultra? :arazz: Nice work! and glad I got to talk to you a bit after everything ended. Soo much potential.

Bartender #2 :wow: - Thanks for the pitchers of Guinness, buckets of PBR, and the half-and-half (beer). Best comeback of the entire tourney: that corset you were rocking for sure! Good looking out!

Lyquid - Some mythological force is keeping us apart. One 2/3 at Kiet’s place and one match against each other in teams? wtf? I love that matchup too. Stay sharp or die is what I call it. Anyway, I hope to see you at more AR’s even though Ben quit. Maybe we could team sometime? You have mad skill. Next season is yours if you stay hungry.

Errr, who else? Oh ya…

<stomping noise>, <stomping noise>…

KONG!!! - SO SICK! :china: All I can say is that I’m glad it wasn’t a FT10. THANK YOU for accepting my challenge. Mad skills and a great attitude. I know KC has their own ranking system (which is pretty f’ing awesome) but I hope none of them have fooled themselves into thinking they’re actually better than you. You’re the whole reason I came, but believe me I’ll be back. You’ve trained KC well, and they have a ton of their own hunger. Hopefully we can do some training together under different/better circumstances. And, get to talk about the match-up. Until then, you can bet I’ll be training hard for a rematch!!!

Thanks Again KC,

You Rock! :rock:


I have pictures of the event (not this one though).


haha too funny


Good times with all you STLiens. The hypetio is gonna be off the charts for the first Super tournament. (Though I think by definition, the hypetio was higher during the random 2v2 Guilty Gear trashbag match the night before Max Out was already off the charts) I hope yall can make for the next one.

p.s. I’m not goin out like this next time in singles. Max Out Season 3 Ranbat champ right here. BELIEVE IT! UUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNGGGGGGH


I have never seen frapy posted so much in my lyfe, and he didn’t even use da same emoticon more than once!..:rofl: usually he likes to stick with dis one: :bottle:



It’s a week late but its the best I can do for you guys. I’d rather NOT go into details about it.