4/17: San Diego's SF4 RanBat 1.2- Paradise Hills

There will be TTF casuals/ RanBat1.2 the 17th of April

Sign up will be at 7:30pm
Start up around 8:00pm

The Dojo of unprotectedSEX
6532 Hyman Pl.
San Diego CA 92139

The Breakdown
So the entree fee is usually $5.00 for the RanBats
But a couple of people suggested a few things…
$5.00: $4.00 to the pot and $1.00 to TTF
$6.00: $5.00 to the pot and $1.00 to TTF

The tourney is double elimination, 2 out of 3
losers/grand finals is 3 out of 5
Winner sticks with the same character blah blah blah

1st. 8 points
2nd. 7 points
3rd. 6 points
4th. 5 points
5th. 3 points
7th 1 points

The Roster

  1. unprotectedSEX
  2. Dios <-x->
  3. laceysan
  4. poeticflow
  5. RoDcHaN
  6. KSexy
  7. DJMasters
  8. Havok
  9. LittLeLives
  10. f1xxy
  11. Viscant
  12. Mizuno Hadouken
  13. AlexMan
  14. Beto
  15. Dawoo
  16. neRemixed
  17. kaiten619
  18. djfrankfresh
  19. tg cid
  20. fernandos nuts
  21. chosen_one23
  22. SESD
  23. phenomenhong
  24. P4P
  25. Dentron
  26. ChrisLionheart
  27. shortshortsuper
  28. Fillmatic
    if it goes beyond 16 i will add you

Just post if you want in.
Main goal for now is to get a video camera so we can record are matches(final/grand finals)

Hope you guys can make it

Ill be there.

Ill try to make it, and i have a camera if i go… what time does it usually end?
i can try to work graveyard that nite so i can goto the ranbat.

well yesterday we started around 830???
than ended around maybe 12- 1230

I’ll be coming.

add me to the list man

Count me in again Cody.

I must have my revenge

Sign me up sir.

hey uh… im down to go to this. if its cool with whoever. I just played some matches with djfrankfresh and he informed of this. i wanna get into the local sd scene so… im diz-own!!

sure just pm me the day of the tourney and ill give you my addy
so ill sign you up
if you have time get some games on psn or live

wait huh,

why is the cap at 24?

theres no such thing as a 24 man bracket. its 16 or 32 128 256 512 1024 etc

i know there isnt a 24 man bracket i just dont like a shit load of people in my house for a small friday night tourney but ill make it 32 or just back to 16, cause i know people aint gonna show up x_x

so down

i went to the paradise hill showdown… so ive been to your pad before. got peaced out so i didnt stay long hah. its on the 17th right?

yes its on the 17th

Me and F1 are up for this. :smiley:

Thanks Cody!

sign me up

I’ll be there. Turnout looks great so far.

–Jay Snyder

ru the blanka dude in sf4 and use chun in hd?

sign me up :cool: