[4/17] UC Davis (Davis, CA) SF4/CVS2/MVC2/3S Tournament *Arcade Only*

[4/17] UC Davis (Davis, CA) SF4/CVS2/MVC2/3S Tournament Arcade Only**

When/Where: UCD Memorial Unions Games Area (bowling and pool as well) on 4/17/09

Games Played: Street Fighter 4 Main Event (side 3s/mvc2/cvs2)

Sign Up Time: 2 PM Casuals Start, matches start 3:30 PM

Entry Fee: 5$, 3$ for side tourneys. All machines on 1 token play ($.20) to support the MUGA.

Prize Setup: 70%/20%/10% with bonus tokens to winners

Format (all games run off of best of 3 rounds, no gamechariot style):
SF4: Double Elimination, Best of 3 Matches, Finals are Best of 5 Matches.
CvS2: Double Elimination, Best of 1 Match, Quarterfinals+ are Best of 3 Matches.
MVC2: Double Elimination, Best of 3 Matches, Quarterfinals+ are Best of 5 Matches.
SF3: Double Elimination, Best of 3 Matches, Quarterfinals+ are Best of 5 Matches.

Game Setup:

  1. Twin Head to Head Cabinets, Sanwa Buttons, Korean Sticks, Arcade Version
  2. PS3 SF4 CRT TV Console Setup
  3. PS3 SF4CRT TV Console Setup
  4. MVC2, SF3, CVS2 will be arcade cab setups. All run off p360’s and happ buttons (concave on sf3)
    Note: Console characters are not allowed despite having 2 ps3 setups. 3p/3k and FA button mapping is also banned. You are free to bring your own sticks but sticks will be provided, regardless if you bring one or not.

Rules: We are running off evo rules for all games except SF4. No console characters and no retarded button mapping cause you can’t hit 3p/3k or mp+mk at once.

We’re planning to record matches and post them up, so if you don’t want your name on youtube, you better say so. There’s going to be at least 15 entrants from Davis alone, but we’d like to see more competitors from around the area, even the bay area, coming down to compete. We’re lookin at you Keystone and friends (albert, rob, crack, haunts, pat, lpn, npartovi, etc.).

For more information, go ahead and send me PM’s or direct them to the UC Davis MUGA thread here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthre...wpost&t=130166

Get hype and Davis hopes to see you at the Concord tourney later this month.

We aren’t having that Puzzle Fighter or footsies side tournament? :rofl:

just reads this and it says Korean sticks!!! wow thatll be weird

Don’t worry dude. Two setups will be either jlf’s or comp sticks on ps3’s. I know how picky you viper players are with your fierce cancel fierce:rolleyes:

I’ll probably switch the 3S buttons to convex this week. I actually forgot they were concave.

The korean sticks are actually kinda nice. I think they are Crown Fanta’s, the buttons are Sanwa’s and its a head to head sit down cabinet.

I think the finals will be held on this cabinet, so it would be a good idea to get some practice on them.

dammit! i get out work at 4…

damnit! i go to work at 4…

im going there.

da womenz from davis are unusually hot.
visit my old fwb too :smiley:
great escapes ftw!!! :karate:

Last tourney I heard some fools wanna throw down some Tetris Attack. I’m down for that on the side.


Im down for some tetris attack. I’m sure jack and roy are down too, and possibly tanaka



Edit - fuck this I’m bringing my laptop + 2 converters. It’s going down.

4 Man tournament = crazy shit

I’ll try to make it, and get my ass styled on.

Is there any particular reason that Evo Rules aren’t being used for SF4? Its not like using 3P/3K will allow anyone to win games they normally wouldn’t win, let alone ‘stealing’ the tournament or even a spot in the Top.

For the record, I don’t use 3P/3K buttons, but it seems trivial and elitist to enforce this rule. If the largest majors in the USA allow 3P/3K, it seems stupid to not follow suit.

I will be attending this tournament regardless of the ruleset, I’m just curious as to the reasoning behind it is all.

I didn’t understand that both arcade and PS3 were going to be used in the tournament, and if this is the reasoning, then I understand…However the OP made it sound as if the rule were in place because ‘real players’ don’t use 3P/3K or something along those lines…a concept I disagree with whole-heartedly.

The focus behind this tournament is the MUGA arcade. The past two tournaments we’ve ran at this location have been played on arcade and for the future any tournaments we hold at this venue will center around the arcade version.

In an ideal world, we would have enough arcade cabinets to accommodate all the entrants so that we wouldn’t have to supplement the play with console stations, but arcade cabinets are pricey and we are getting big turnouts, so to avoid 7 hour tourney brackets we are forced to bring in consoles. Basically, we want everything to run as close to arcade perfect as possible.

That said, if you really want to map 3p/3k, you probably can and no one is going to bite your head off for it. If you make it to the top 8 though you better be ready to play on the arcade controls.

The tournament coordinator and a lot of people in general feel execution is a key part of street fighter. You put in the practice, you reap the rewards. Sometimes, inputs are a bit stupid, like the srk shortcut and the somersault justice ultra. But in general, we try to keep it so that you’re the one whose playing the character, not your stick.

We also like to keep the tournament arcade based, despite the use of consoles. The consoles are being used because when 50 people show up, one cab won’t do shiiiiit. Arcade and cabinet culture defined fighting games. Walking down to your local arcade, paying a quarter and talking to people in person was as much of a pass-time as actually playing. Consoles don’t really offer that as much so keeping the tourney arcade cab style is important.

In all truth, I myself think it’s kind of dumb that people have to bind 3p/3k to buttons along with fa. If you can’t hit 3 punches, you need to either practice or you need to find a new game. Maybe smash? Capcom should make the window for the 3 punch input a little bit more lenient tho but if the pros can do it, people just starting out can too. Spend your time in training mode or at the arcade and pay ur dues.

I guess I am the tournament coordinator.

I’m old, married, and walked barefoot uphill in the snow to and from school everyday, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

Honestly it makes no sense as to why these other tournaments allow players to use the 3p/3k buttons, or even pads. In fact I find the very concept ridiculous. But I guess the majors simply have a different gameplan in mind for their tournaments; they want to bring in more players, we want to bring in more quality players.

That’s not to say we don’t want beginners to enter the tournament, in fact I would encourage them to in order to gain some experience. But I do expect a player to have the ability to perform simple commands, if you can’t press three buttons at the same time, then you probably shouldn’t enter the tournament, instead play in some casuals and watch/learn/practice.
/end rant/

Hope to see a lotta people there, I’ll try and have the MUGA set up by like noon, so you can get some casuals/MM’s in. I think this tourney will run smoother than our last (which ran rather long in my opinion). SF4 will have priority with regards to match times (ie if you are up in sf4 and sf3, you will play sf4 first) as it took the longest. If anyone wants to run a tekken 5:DR side tournament that can probably be arranged. Also bring cameras if you got one, we lost out on a lot of good footage last tourney due to battery issues, hopefully these can be resolved with extra cameras.

Could we switch 1p and 2p after every round? Just to keep it fair… I know I can Tiger uppercut/Electric from the 2p side way better than the 1p side. Just a suggestion.
Oh you should mention that you guys are a bunch of weirdos who use circular gates before anyone like me rages. That being said, can someone bring a square gate stick for me? :smiley:

im coming sweet muga love.