[4/17] UC Davis (Davis, CA) SF4/CVS2/MVC2/3S Tournament *Arcade Only*

[4/17] UC Davis (Davis, CA) SF4/CVS2/MVC2/3S Tournament Arcade Only

When/Where: UCD Memorial Unions Games Area (bowling and pool as well) on 4/17/09

Games Played: Street Fighter 4 Main Event (side 3s/mvc2/cvs2)

Sign Up Time: 2 PM Casuals Start, matches start 3:30 PM

Entry Fee: 5$, 3$ for side tourneys. All machines on 1 token play ($.20) to support the MUGA.

Prize Setup: 70%/20%/10% with bonus tokens to winners

Format (all games run off of best of 3 rounds, no gamechariot style):
SF4: Double Elimination, Best of 3 Matches, Finals are Best of 5 Matches.
CvS2: Double Elimination, Best of 1 Match, Quarterfinals+ are Best of 3 Matches.
MVC2: Double Elimination, Best of 3 Matches, Quarterfinals+ are Best of 5 Matches.
SF3: Double Elimination, Best of 3 Matches, Quarterfinals+ are Best of 5 Matches.

Game Setup:

  1. Twin Head to Head Cabinets, Sanwa Buttons, Korean Sticks, Arcade Version
  2. PS3 SF4 CRT TV Console Setup
  3. PS3 SF4CRT TV Console Setup
  4. MVC2, SF3, CVS2 will be arcade cab setups. All run off p360’s and happ buttons (concave on sf3)
    Note: Console characters are not allowed despite having 2 ps3 setups. 3p/3k button mapping is also banned. You are free to bring your own sticks but sticks will be provided, regardless if you bring one or not.

Rules: We are running off evo rules for all games except SF4. No console characters and no retarded button mapping cause you can’t hit 3p/3k at once.

We’re planning to record matches and post them up, so if you don’t want your name on youtube, you better say so. There’s going to be at least 15 entrants from Davis alone, but we’d like to see more competitors from around the area, even the bay area, coming down to compete. We’re lookin at you Keystone and friends (albert, rob, crack, haunts, pat, lpn, npartovi, etc.).

For more information, go ahead and send me PM’s or direct them to the UC Davis MUGA thread here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthre...wpost&t=130166

Get hype and Davis hopes to see you at the Concord tourney later this month.

Why are all the SF4 tourneys banning console characters? Surely its not cuz the characters are so much more dominant than the regulars…right. I mean, what’s the deal. Anyway, I’ll hopefully get up there with a few ppl.