4-19-04 - AT Weeklies Results


MvC2: Magnus iz teh ghey!
*(12 participants)
format: 2/3 games winners’; 1-game losers’, 2/3 games finals per match set - Double-Elimination *

  1. Toan Nguyen “total toanage”
  2. Emmanuel Junoz
  3. Gustavo Manuel “Magnus Jaguar”
  4. Christian Jimenez "Krishin101"
    5t. Greg Maxwell
    5t. Roger Tesheira (AT)
    7t. Jorge Garcia "Destroyer556"
    7t. Jose’
    x. Tony Tipton
    x. Robert Cardenas
    x. Thai Nguyen
    xx. David Garcia

3s: Roger Ho = CHEAPSKATE!!!
13 participants
format: 1-game matches throughout; Double-Elimination

  1. Thai Nguyen “KINGDOM” (Ken - SA3)
  2. Roger Ho “demenion” (Yun - SA3)
  3. Robert Cardenas (Dudley - SA1)
  4. Jorge Garcia (Ken - SA3)
    5t. Greg Maxwell (Alex - SA3/???)
    5t. DeJuan Stephens “50-fiftytrap” (Dudley - SA3/Makoto - SA1)
    7t. David Garcia (Urien - SA1)
    7t. Jamar (Ryu - SA1)
    x. Tony Tipton (Chun Li - SA2)
    x. Emmanuel Junoz (???)
    x. Toan Nguyen “total toanage” (Chun li - SA2)
    x. Roger Tesheira (Alex - SA1/Hugo - SA1)
    xx.Marcus Moonilal “MeLikeToSmash” (Ken - SA3)


  • THUMBS UP - to Toan, handing out hot turkey plates to all the wannabe-Magz playa’s!:smiley:

  • THUMBS DOWN - to Marcus; SUCKING SO BAD IN 3S!:lol:

  • THUMBS DOWN - to his partner-in-crime, Roger Ho, who wanted the 3s finals to be just 1 game…bah!
    Cheapskate! And yeah, I DO enjoy playing you, Roger! We broke even…1-1 (he sent me to losers’…) :bluu:
    We’ll play some more on DC, aight?!? :smiley:

  • THUMBS DOWN - to Moi, since I broke my retirement, JUST to play 50’ in the tournament, BUT you SUCKED against Greg!:lol:
    Either way, BOTH of ya’ll would’ve lost to my Ken!

  • THUMBS UP - to Greg Maxwell; he’s a parry-whore, and learning quick…gave me a scare, there…:sweat:
    but i made a Japanese comeback to win!:cool:
    And IMO, GREG >>>>> DeJUAN!! :smiley:

  • THUMBS UP -AND- DOWN - to Moi, since I made 3s 1-game matches, but a few cool upsets that I’m positive will spark new rivalries…and yeah, I had a booty call to answer…kekeke…:smiley:

  • THUMBS UP - to Rolo, making one of those rare guest appearances, and playing a couple games of casual 3s w/ me…ahhhh…the good ole’ days! (Some of his tricks I actually forgot about…heh).

  • THUMBS DOWN - to all that didn’t show…ya’ll suck!:stuck_out_tongue:

alright, gentleman…I’m out.