4/19/08 Ashburn, VA C3 (DC/MD/VA)- Angry April results

3S singles:

  1. exodus
  2. eric kim
  3. Flare
  4. Therapist
  5. Shinshay
  6. Jibbo

3S teams:

1.team exodus/
team shinshay split pot


  1. rugal b/ havoc split pot
  2. skisonic
  3. VEric


1st: UltraDavid (Gief/Honda) didn’t lose.
2nd Biron (Claw)- loses to Ultradavid 2x
3rd Shinshay (Ryu, O.Sagat)- loses to Biron 2x
4th Renegade (Guile, Chun, Boxer) loses to Ultradavid, Shinshay
5th Ramza (Ken) loses to Shinshay, Renegade
5th Havoc (Ryu) loses to Ultradavid, Shinshay
7th Sentient Program (Blanka, O. Sagat) loses to Renegade, Havoc
7th Ryry (Boxer, Ken?) loses to Biron, Ramza


  1. KBNova
  2. Mulligan
  3. Therapist


1st Spero Gin (NY)
2nd Ryry (VA)
3rd The Realyst (NY)
4th FightingGM (NY)
5th Rob Gin (NY) / Chet Chetty (SoCal/VA)
7th NYC FAB (NY) / Brian H (NJ)


1st Slips (STL)
2nd Sazabi (OH)
3rd Chet Chetty (SoCal/VA)
4th Ryry (VA)
5th Teky (NJ) / LOC (VA)
7th Brian H (NJ) / TheMandarin (MA)

please fill in/correct if you know more results, and I’ll edit the first post; brackets were left right inside the front door=/. Had alot of fun this tourney despite playing so badly. I recommend dat Coconut:tup: always good to see people from iraq alive and well. jibbo we’ll get casuals in one of these days. ggs to sentientprogram, biron, robin, david, etc. in ST. MAY C3 WILL BE GDLK. BE THERE.

ps, where was the deviljin bros. at???

pps, thanks to tflame, kenji, robin, and jaguar for running brackets

"Come see us in dat PREQUEL!"
Arcana Heart FULL! (ps2) 8 entrants

  1. skisonic (Water Konoha)
  2. Faight (Gier Mei Fang)
  3. RyRy (Nature / Lightning Saki)
  4. VJ (??) / Robin [ff] (Steel Kira)
  5. Mr Mammation (Fire Mei Fang)
  6. Tornado Flame (Time Kamui)
  7. Roger (Love Heart)
  8. Tiamat (Fire? Mei Fang??)

-Robin had to leave early, forfeiting his spot to VJ (who was left out of the brackets due to my error, sorry VJ). VJ then lost to skisonic and had to leave himself, forfeiting to RyRy who went on to Losers finals.

-Losers/Grand Finals were 3/5

We had a slightly last minute Arcana Heart 1 tourney, with FREE ENTRY and I added $20 to the pot, as did Faight, so we decided on $30$/$10 split (before the tourney). Thanks Faight :tup:I didnt see every match, so Im not sure about the last few places (left the brackets) but im pretty sure thats right. Id appreciate help filling in/correcting character info.

Highlights include :
*Faight’s dangerous Mei Fang looping various opponents across the screen,
*Renegade laming it out with Steel Kira, 9 meters and mad knives!
*last minute entrant RyRy with an impressive Saki and even more impressive mid-tourney arcana switch, from low tier Plant to upper tier Lightning in the losers finals, and making nice utilization of the added clash frames on saki’s dash leading to full screen loop combos!:wow::nunchuck::pray:
Very nice indeed.

Also of note, we actually had interest from 2 more players who had to leave before the tourney began, and 2 new players who dropped out to just to leave the bracket even. Not to mention the DevilJin brothers not making out, we wouldve easily outdrawn CvS2 (tied for small entries this time). Though this one was free entry, of course :rolleyes:

Anyway fun tourney, thanks to everyone for participating. I was glad to see some interest in the game, sorry I couldnt get in more casuals. I hope everyone keeps playing, we can have plenty of fun and prep you all for the sequel too.

Oh I also didnt realize the correct translation of Plant arcana is Nature? Lol. I knew Shadow = Gier… but Giers Gier, yo. I just thought Nature sounded sweet.

Just look at it as MORE arcana, instead of old/new. Everyone that played seemed to be interested for next month, so Ill probably do this again at the May event. Be prepared with out towners coming, theres going to be stiff competition, but hey free money?! Ill probably do it again in June when its a more local thing when the shot at FREE CASH seems ATTAINABLE.

ah, sucks that i missed this one :<. would’ve loved to play arcana in a tourney again. i’ll be there in may.

gs to the placers!


Damn Ryry jumping on that Arcana Heart fast.

C3 was awesome, as usual. Was cool to meet all you guys I hadn’t talked to or seen before. Didn’t play as well in 3S as I would’ve liked. Maybe next time.

GGs everyone, and see you all next month.

It was nice seeing all of you guys again.

Therapist: Nice RD setup. Can’t wait to play you again.

Flare: you’ve come a long way buddy. I’ll try to have an answer for your Ken next time.

Eric K: I should’ve played Chun haha and thanks for running the tourney.

Tornado Flame: It’s always chill hangin with you, but I heard that old man comment. :tup:

Rugal: I promise I’ll play CvS2 next time.

Skisonic: I thought you said you were going to teach arcana :sad:

Faight and Robin: nice seeing you guys again. Hope we play again soon.

Gimpy: don’t quit yet. If I can’t then you can’t either.

NC guys: Thanks for coming up. I’ll try to make it back down there again for one of your tourneys.

sorry i couldn’t make it (again) some bs happened at the last minute. good shit khang and david.

Water Konoha FTW! :tup: Good shit!

And good shit to you Kenji! :tup: Congrats.

Number of Entrants and Full Results for 3S and GG?!

I have the ST brackets:

Super Turbo
1st: UltraDavid (Gief/Honda) didn’t lose.
2nd Biron (Claw)- loses to Ultradavid 2x
3rd Shinshay (Ryu, O.Sagat)- loses to Biron 2x
4th Renegade (Guile, Chun, Boxer) loses to Ultradavid, Shinshay
5th Ramza (Ken) loses to Shinshay, Renegade
5th Havoc (Ryu) loses to Ultradavid, Shinshay
7th Sentient Program (Blanka, O. Sagat) loses to Renegade, Havoc
7th Ryry (Boxer, Ken?) loses to Biron, Ramza

Overall, fun tourney. I had alot of fun playing Arcana Heart even though I had to go. Super sad!

I also did respectable in ST. Both of the matches I lost were very winnable, but there is no shame in losing to those players. I tip my hat!

I wish it wasn’t another 6 months before I get to play another tourney…

My ride couldn’t make it down so I never got to make it. Didn’t feel like taking the metro. Dayum…ya’ll found time for 3S teams? Not cool. :lol:

GS to all the top placers in dat Triple Strike.

I’m ready for the Championship next month though.

BTW Biron just keeps getting better in that ST. Props to him.

This tournament was pretty entertaining. From my spectator point of view, The matches were great in the various games. I think next month will blow shit out of the water.

Jibbo: You inspired me to give my Yang another try. :cool:

Khang: Yes, I got full of the broth! :rofl: Pho is the shit!!!

Eric Kim & Jose: Sorry for being the weakest link on our team. :sweat:

Loborine and Flare: Nice Ryu’s :cool:

Shinshay: YOU SUCK!!! Just kidding but I know I need more practice so I guess we will be hitting the danger room.

Good games everyone! Had an awesome time, as always. I want more of us to pick up Brawl.

If you haven’t heard, this was my last C3. I’m graduating in mid-May and going back home to LA to study for the bar exam, so I’ll be out of here before the next tournament. Too bad some of you guys couldn’t come, cause I guess I probably won’t see you again for a long time, if at all. Thanks for being a great scene and welcoming me into it. I’ve had a really good time here and I’ll miss all you guys. I’ll still post on our threads, obviously, so, see you online I guess.

Good luck with that bar exam…

Have fun on the West Coast.:rock::tup:

I need to start going to C3…/ I need to start driving.:sweat:

ps How many Entered CVS2/ Did Sanford make it?

gj to all i wish i could of came but atm i need to make that money up here ill see everyone in may


thanks to everyone that came out to make C3 the best part of my month. ggs to all.

nc crew - it was awesome that you guys made the trip up. you guys should come up here more often, and in bigger numbers. let’s have another pho expedition. hope you guys had a safe trip home.

therapist/flare - it’s not very often you guys come down (at least not my viet brother flare) – it’s always a blast when you guys come down, and you guys keep improving everytime we meet. kev, your rushdown is too scary. flare, your defense makes me run to ken =(

eric/gimpy - make sure you guys come every month :smiley: for old time’s sake. eric keep it up and stay solid. make sure you play more nfba. ant, use the power of denjin. phooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

kimmicks - fuck your gay ass grabs. im gonna hold up all day, every day. ggs sir, the tournament actually ended in a timely manner. props. well…except the small ass TVs. gs in 3s.

ultradavid - it was a great pleasure to have you as part of our SF scene. even though i joke about you coming back, im sure in reality it’s not that simple. gl with all your life endeavors and if i need a high profile lawyer in 10 years i’ll look up your name. enjoy that last bowl of MDVA pho sir…even though it wasn’t even in a bowl…

n-ken - just accept it…i’m a monster MSP.

rockman - you might be > zerog, but im always > rockman.

Hey man good having you here, gl with the lawyering and reubening if I dont see you before you go, Ill hit you up if I wind up in cali.

My MSP may suck but my 65o is too strong khang.

that was game set and match sir. well done.

I got 6th in 3rd…dont deny me Eric K…

And Ultra David…best of luck to you man…keep playin SF…

And ----------> Khang MSP > Nken MSP


exo-tech: why teh fuck you post a pic of cali pho? Next time snap a pic of C3 pho u false advertising slut