4/2/11 - Console Warzone SSF4 & MvC3 Results

Thanks to everyone who came out, although it was not a big crowd. Shout out to RawGamePlay.com for giving me $200 of bonus prize money, I just wish it would have been a better turnout for their investment.

The next tournament will be at the same location on April 23rd and MK9 will be there as well. Stay tuned for the post tomorrow or Monday with the details.

I want to grow the scene in North Jersey so if anyone has suggestions, idea’s or wants to partner up please hit me up and let me know. I will do my best to get someone to come stream this next time.

Super Street Fighter 4
16-man bracket**

1 MarlinPie (Cammy) $140.00
2 RedRanger (Blanka) $40.00
3 Mike Infinite (Balrog) $20.00
4 UVG Noel Brown
5 Gun Blade
5 JohnnyDigital
7 Rick
7 GrayRanger
9 Billy
9 Cataract

**Marvel vs Capcom 3
16-man bracket
1 MarlinPie $90
1 Mike Infinite $90
3 UVG Noel Brown $20
4 WetBucket
5 Funk Drewbius
5 Rick
7 Mentz
7 Matt
9 Arnold
9 Riyo