4/2 Family Fun MvC2 Results

  1. Me - Sent/Storm/CapCom, Mag/Storm/Spiral
  2. Chris “Shockwave15” - Sent/Storm/CapCom, Mag/Cable/Sent-a
  3. Dc Static - MSP, Sent/Cable/CapCom
  4. Shogun - Cable/Cammy/CapCom, BH/Cable/CapCom

it was a fun tournament. chris (from nor cal) is a monster. im not even kidding. and i normally dont give props easy. and dc static, i consider my “student” in a way. so that makes him a beast. haha. gg’s to all yall.


Movin’ up kid :slight_smile:


yo chris… your on the up and up dogg foreals, your a true underground monster your gonna shock everyone come evo2k4, you had me that day … but next time … :evil:

randomIronMan … come visit glendale!!!

ohh finals score was 2-3 … u almost had it chris :lol:


what wasw the score in the finals Soomonster?
My badi couldn’t go but no ride


it was 2-3 best outta 5 … we all thought chris won but soo picked the wrong team :lol: … then beasted it up :evil: … i think potter and chris would be a good match to see … both sents are off the hook like cellular phones…

ohh yea, what ever happend to dj-b13 …?? :confused:


He was at NCR2 beastin it up.:slight_smile:


he was at ncr, they had 50 man marvel.


hmm thats what i thought… i dunno why people said he was going to ff


i didnt pick the wrong team. we moved machines for the last game and the team chris beat was another nigga’s game that was playing before we moved.


oh yah thats right… but that shit was still intense :lol:


Damn, props to Chris :slight_smile: It’s great to see some new blood in WC MvC2 (especially GOOD blood!)


chris is a beast… props to him getting second


good shit cris, i knew you would do well…jus remember I helped you get good too heheheh

telly tel


Good job Chris.


GGs to everyone… Hopefully ill go back soon…

Chris S.


Damn good shit chris. Homeboys a beast, I still own you at cvs2 tho :confused: