4/2 NSC Presents Dirties Day Vol. 3 Results

It seemed like there wouldnt be a results thread, so I’m just gonna do my best. I’ll change stuff later if you can post the other top placers in other games.

** Mvc2 **

  1. Pete Luong, “AsianDaisy” - MSS, undefeated
  2. Victor Salmon, “vsalmon” - Storm, Sentinel, Cammy, Santhrax, MSP
  3. Jensel Diaz, “MagnetoManiac”- MSS, MSP, Scrub, Mag/Sentinel/Capcom
  4. Jason Harding, “Rugal.B” - Scrub (I think MSP or some other teams, I forgot, sorry)

** 3s **

  1. Jason Harding “Rugal.B”
  2. Christian Sutton “SkiSonic”
  3. Yak

** Cvs2 **

  1. Jason Harding, “Rugal.B”
  2. James Paige, “BaltimoreChun”
  3. Christian Sutton “SkiSonic”
    ** #R **
  4. Ragnarok

** T5 **

1st - Dan (Misato)
2nd - George “NSC GAmeboy” Burkett
3rd- Triple Agent

Remember just tell me if I missed something. If someone has the bracket and wants the whole thing posted I’ll do it.

umm i won reloaded but who really cares sigh
jason and the other chunli turtler split the pot on 3,s and never played. i think i came in 4th in 3’s? or somthin like that.

Angry Black Man


Blahhh, I didn’t play MSP… I ran MSS the whole tourney. :bgrin: Ooh, and yes, I went undefeated… oh, god, I suck. :confused:

MSS too good! :pray:


Your MSS :pray: My scrub couldn’t even handle it



I won 3s Skisonic got second and he got third in CvS2… I also won

you didnt win 3s, we didnt play the finals.

So noone played the finals in 3s? Or did Rugal really win it? I heard there was this other really good guy that won it…

rugal won the winner’s finals, which sent me to losers, i played a ken player named yak or something like that and won 3-2. that was it, no grand finals were played.

and no grand finals were played in cvs2, either.

My apologies to everyone for not getting the thread up quick, this weekend was torture. Anyway, I recovered 2 brackets so:


1st - Rugal B.
2nd - Skisonic
3rd - Yakikoholic


1st - Pete “AsianDaisy” - (Grand Finals 4-1)
2nd - Victor Salmon
3rd - Magneto Maniac


1st - Dan (Misato)
2nd - George “NSC GAmeboy” Burkett
3rd - Me :lame:

GGXX #r:

1st - Angry Black Man

Thanks for everyone not scared to get through the rain and wind. Thanks for supporting the last tourney scene attempts in Baltimore, as humble as they may be. We will attempt to advertise the next one even further in advance, and expand the games. Look out for the next, because we will need some help to blow this thing up. And I’ll check the advance weather forecast, lol.

More people definitely need to show up next time (8 Marvel players, 3-4 Tekken players last I heard)…It’s a great set-up down there.

Thanks for letting me run a GG tourney…First tourney I’ve ever ran (and BIG thanks to the guy who showed me how to run a RR tourney!). We did everyone plays everyone for 3 games (5 people), then the two best records have 4/7 finals. ABM pretty much tore his way into the finals and Dan beat the rest of us out with 8 total wins. ABM wins the finals 4-2, after snuffing out a rally (which included ABM’s Robo Ky blowing up due to overload and being hit by Dizzy’s Imperial Ray the exact moment it happened).

Much fun was had in 3S and Marvel as well…I just have to get low forward-SA2, not low forward-Overhead special with Chun next time. Think it’s finally time to change my PS2 stick to one that can actually do that…

Can’t wait for the next one. At the rate we’re going though, you might have to rename it “Rainy Days”.

I didnt even play you all…:bluu:
Only 8 :karate: still better than Tek5-only 4.

Well good games everyone.
Seems like Ike has played Justin one time too many :china:

I guess I’ll see some of you at evo or Final round whichever one I go to

( :xeye: Taz thanks for the Goblin stick :rolleyes: )

P.S. I got pulled to the side at the airport , AGAIN!!
The terrorists were Arabs! Not Black!! :confused: :xeye:

Ahahaha… eh, sorry, Eugene. I would’ve played you if you wanted me to. :pleased:

Go to Final Round AND Evo! :tup: Do it for the people!!! :xeye:

lmao… black terrorists… nice. :tup:

Maybe they mistook you for an Arab. :confused:

either way… lmao!!! :rofl:


pete is king

pur3 0wn4g3, d0c. :tup:

so no one went for the 3s tourny. or any of the tournys at all. i didn’t even know rugal played 3s

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