4/20 3S ranking battle

location: #3srb on EFNET (irc.blessed.net)
time: 9pm edt (GMT - 5)
registration: 8:45pm edt -> 9pm edt — 32 PLAYER CAP.

format: 2 out of 3, double elimination (singles match or 2 out of 3 varies upon # of entries) – players must choose their character ahead of time and stick to them throughout the entire tournament
emulator: nfba dtr9
kaillera: feb 11

optional/required: hamachi (https://secure.logmein.com/products/...i/download.asp)
***THOSE WHO CANNOT ACCESS THEIR ROUTER TO PORT FORWARD – you’re REQUIRED to have hamachi in case your opponent is in the same boat)

there will be NO USE of kaillera servers (west wonderland, godweapon, etc) – you MUST have hamachi if you are unable to host/connect to other players. in the event that hamachi does not resolve the issue, i will arbitrarily assign the winner via coinflip.

if you miss registration, i will only squeeze you in IF there are openings (games yet to be played, byes)

brackets will be posted online; read them CAREFULLY. players may proceed to continue playing their next matches so long as their opponent is also done. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT OPPONENT.

if you are in winners finals, losers finals, and grand finals – RECORD YOUR MATCHES.

if your connection is SPIKEY (read, jumps or stutters when you play), do everyone a favor and clear it before the tournament, or abstain from joining. if there are complaints, i will personally connect to the accused and find out myself.

seeding will be based off past performances

current standings:

  1. exodus - 76.5
  2. chi-rithy - 65.5
  3. cruise - 44
  4. devilzknight211 - 30
  5. kamina - 18
  6. spectre7 - 16.5
  7. brit-brit - 15
  8. shodokan - 13.5
  9. nica ko - 12.5
  10. sensifield - 9.5
  11. bars n hooks - 8
  12. mariodood - 8

I’ll do better this time. Fo sho…

I’m just not gonna tolerate this “12th place” bullshit. This week I’m gonna turn things around :mad:

Squeeze me IN

i will place in the top 3 this time.

I will be dead last this time.


Yeah I should be there.

im rank #3 and up.

stop hosting them on sunday khang.

2nd that…last friday you changed it and it seems the players that made a fuss didnt show on sunday<>

my convenience > your convenience. im busy friday and saturday.

exo puts it on 4/20 because thats the only time he will have a chance!! <33

It seems like Sunday would be the most appropriate time anyway. Most of us have things to do on Friday and Saturday (aka we like to go out). Sunday is usually the most relaxed day and the best time for people to meet anyway.

I’d say 32 people is pretty good, anyway (there were more but that’s all the bracket could hold).


then there are those who would sacrifice one night going out,for those professionals that must be too work 7am monday<>

why does it matter? you keep going 0-2 anyway, so it’s not like you stay the entire 3 hours that it takes for me to run the tourney…



Bah, I work for 9 hours on Saturday. Not gonna be there.

Hopefully i’ll do well on this tourney this time, still not use to nfba yet. I freak’n suck now.