4/20 CVS2 MVC2 ST @ Family Fun Arcade (socal) Full results


cvs2 (31):
1st Gee-O
2nd Sin
3rd Fortino
4th Jason Cole
5th Cesar Vargas, Lee
7th Tou, Amir
9th Lawrence, Nick Mora, Zuggzugg, Israel
13th Shogo, CYF, Kyle, Jose
17th Fernando, John Tran, Junior, JC Melgar, henk, Chris M, Damien, Dash
25th Rick, Def, Agustin, Reza, Tommy, Manuel, Alex Rey

mvc2 (23):
1st SooMighty
2nd Duc Do
3rd Manuel Bermudez
4th Cesar Herrera
5th Jamanis, Martin Vong
7th Dash, Martin Garcia
9th Joel, Devil X, Sin, Amir
13th Rockefeller, ID, Max Tran, Dixie Normous
17th Def, Pierre Malek, Romel, John Tran, Nick Mora, Alex Rey, CYF

ST (11):
1st Jason Cole
2nd Amir
3rd Reza
4th Gee-O
5th Sin, Shogo
7th Christian, Fernando
9th henk, Agustin, Dash

great tourney today, cvs2 took longer than ever :slight_smile: i wanna welcome duc do for hitting up family, and also the Fresno peepz, and uh, Dixie Normous… good shit everyone, come by next monday night (4/28) for our biweeklies, starting with 3S and GGXX!


I’m not even surprised anymore Soo, haha. GJ man!


LOL. Thanks for the support, as always my friend :slight_smile:

Duc’s Sentinel is the best, literally :eek:


Wat about my sent soo:( .Dats koo tho and sirhenk it’s JAMINIS. Damn Soo and Junior too good. I guess there’s anyways next time


You have one of the best Sentinels too. That’s why me and Amir kept losing to you niegga :frowning:
Can’t forget CYF’s and Manuel’s Sentinel. I had fun :slight_smile:


duc and jaminis = good sentinels


:smiley: George, Soo, Amir, MAG= Good MSP


What team was duc using?


does duc still use sent/cable/cyclops.


From what I saw, he was using sent and cyclops… i dunno if it was storm or cable as the third
and he also used spiral cable sent.
least i think he was.


Great tourney :slight_smile:


Just a correction, switch the Martins. I got 7th and M.A.G. got 5th, i lost to him:D


congrats to all the winners especially the oG pdaddy :cool:


It was cool to compete. No pressure and a lot of great matches. My kind of atmosphere! Well, I’m back to school now…see you folks sometime again…maybe! :cool: Gief= Anti MSP! :wink:


Nice work Soo and Cole…Keep the heads ringin’…And Sir Henk your doin a nice job moderating tourneys…



Yo Sirhenk u messed up my name in the APEX account. It’s Jaminis with an upper case J not jaminis with a lower case j, cause now I have two different names.