4-22 Detroit Metro Gaming LAN with GG:S, Naruto 4, SC2

Ran by www.Metrodetroitgaming.com

The venue will be open to games from 2pm to 11pm. Come in and game, LAN, yadda yadda.

Fighting Games that will be at this event (tournament wise)–
SC2 ($5) (undetermined time)
Naruto 4 ($5) (5pm)
Guilty Gear Slash ($5) (7pm)

Anyone that brings systems/games/TVs gets a free BAWLs if we end up using it for tourney. THERE IS NO GARAUNTEE WE WILL USE YOUR EQUIPMENT SO DON’T FREAK OUT CHILDREN. <3 What we need:
TVs (duh)
Copies of SC2/NT4/GG:S

I’ll be running GG:S, Echeesekid is running SC2 and TLCrow is running Naruto 4.

Here is the venue location!!!: http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.ad...i&zipcode=48026 !

It’s $15 at the door to get in, $10 if you pre-register through paypal at the link at the top.

MORE INFO PENDING! This will be the first big tourney for both GG:Slash and NT4 in MI, so everyone come out and have fun.

MAN $15 to get in???

$10 if you pre-reg. :wink:

You know you want to.

Yea but I dont feel like pre registering for atourny that might not even have 10 people. Plus its only $5 period for the tourny. Thats not very much incentive to come. I tried talking to ohio guys about coming but the get in fee and low amount etc I dun think they think its worth it and for good reason. Hell I dont even know if its worth it for me.