4/23/03 chicago nickel city mvc2,ggxx,3s among other games results



2nd:Juicy G-Chipp/Faust/Sol
3rd:Eric “Bob washington”-Po/Sol

Ari wins winners against George 3-0.George beats eric in losers 3-2.then loses to ari in final 4-2,2-4


1st:Juicy G-Rowtron
3rd: Dereklearnslow-Santhrax,Mag/sent/capcom

George doesn’t lose a single round.Taking winner final 3-0.Tony k beats derek in loser final 3-1 before losing to George in final 4-0.


1st: Domingo “Nigga D”-Urien/ken
2nd:George "KAFF KAFF"Fed-Yun/urien/ken

Ari’s win streak over chicago in 3s ends.In winners he lost to eric’s hugo.then loses to Domingo in loser final 3-1.meanwhile in winners final George had beat domingo 3-2(overcoming a 2-0 deficit).then in final domingo takes 1st set 4-0.then in 2nd set george Jumps out to 3-1 lead.domingo then takes 3 in a row to secure a victory.Good shit to scumingo and to all who showed.Peace


Still sucking. Least I had fun.


wow ari won GGXX eh? interesting, sol on sol? what were the finals like? I should be able to make it to the next tourny I think since I will probably have quit my job by then, if not the one after that for sure.


gj to all 1st placers…

ari winning ggxx, watch out bozac! he’s gonna come with HATE.
george winning mvc2 easily…wouldn’t have been so ez if i was there!
and to domingo winning 3s, bout time fool!


Yeah cant be an official tournament without Bozacs presence. Good games to everyone…time to get drunk. Next one should be in what 2 weeks?



I had an awesome time meeting and chilling with everyone. Mad fun!!!

Go Chun-Li.:cool:


No mention of my special apprearance…I’m so disappointed, George. :lol: Jus’ kiddin’ :wink: :p.

Anyways, last night was fun. Instant 5th place for gettin’ late entry or whatever for me :evil:, but I lost to Hugo 2-1 (technically 3-1, but he was cool and let us re-play the 1st one).

Also, thanks to everyone for the 3S practice, I learned a lot.

Finally, Congratulations to all top placers. Especially Domingo, 'cuz he don’t lose when I’m around :evil:.

  • Mike


mostly johnny vs sol/chipp/faust…


well now, I didn’t mean all that.


but it’s true…


Damn Such hate…not even hate anymore PURE MALICE:lol:

But oh yeah ari.Since my faust was OWNED by your Johnny according a source(even tho i recall him winning 4 games of my 6 wins and i have witnesses so don’t bullshit with me)how about this 1st round next week me and you.My faust vs. Johnny.Deal??