4/23/2005 FFA 3rd Strike 2on2 Grand Finals

Sup everyone…I just ripped the grand finals from this past Saturday’s 3rd Strike 2on2 tourney at FFA…the video is a direct feed from our head to head cabinets but I ran into some audio problems…so I threw in some cheesy anime/J-pop music instead :xeye:

anyways, here it is:

4/23/2005 FFA 3rd Strike 2on2 Grand Finals - Shaydini & Pyrolee vs. 5ive Star Yi Wang & Victor “Victoly” Vance

N-Joy! :tup:

link is down

works for me yay new pyrolee vid
damn pyro’s divekick skills are naaaasty it almost looks like hes going straight down i didn’t know you could whiff it standing so close

lol, 5* hates chun-li.

dope vid, 5 star was straight beastin’ that first round!

shogo, do you have any other footage of this tourney?

Actually I do…I was messing around with announcing and direct feed at the time (which is why the audio is messed up)…but the first like 13 minutes of the tournament had sound for announcers…if u want it, here’s the link:

4/23/2005 FFA 2on2 Test Video

the matches are alright…but I think the announcing made it better :xeye:

LMAO the commenting was hilarious! :clap: :clap: :clap: :tup:

aaahahahahaha wow, that was one of the funniest things i’ve watched. i haven’t really laughed like that in a good while. very very very funny. :rofl: :rofl: :clap:. keep the same announcers, they make the matches ten times more entertaining.

you could even hear the other players watching laugh too: first round of eric vs josh, eric looks like he accidentally does the weird ken f+roundhouse kick (from drumming kicks for the strong->shippu link i assume), and the announcer says “ooh that kick sucks,” then you can hear the crowd errupt. too good too good. more please! :razz:

beg shogo to release the whole tourney vid :smiley:

shogo pretty please :pray:. i got you balloons for the videos! :party:

edit: here’s kind of a :lame: idea about the lost commentary. maybe the announcers can just watch the whole tourney again and just record commentary on the comp at the same time. yeah i know, prolly won’t be as good (and they prolly won’t be up for it) but just a thought.

5 star you are sick pan. AAAHH!

putting in my 3s folder as we speak get it now cause i’m going to bed in about 30 minutes or so #gamecombos on efnet people i’ll post a yousendit link too

s6.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2QVTTI73RDK0J0SCHCGABZRI9G i took the http out on purpose for some reason it makes the link last longer

holy shit, lol. you guys are retarded. “OH fuck me, I’m fired.” LOL

Great comentators :tup: I really enjoyed that, they made the vid so much more interesting to look at.


rockefeller : color commentary
5 star : interviews

too bad we lost all the interviews i did :frowning:

I can’t get it to work either.

Codecs, perhaps?

Commentary = hilarious.

What, is he a wrestler or something?
Yeah, WWE.
Does he, like, go to your high school or something?


The commentary just cracked me up lololol.

good stuff :tup:

best vid i seen in a long ass time. hilarious.