4/23 Orange Best Buy T5 Results

  1. Arario (paul, jack5)
  2. Tomhilfiger (nina)
  3. Venom (feng)
  4. SooMighty (paul, feng)
  5. Rip (law)
  6. Cynnik (bryan)
  7. Insomnotek (feng, asuka)

just posting this because it was a BIG ass tournament. 100+ people. like 130 or somethin. 1st-4th got gift cards for BB. I think 1st got $500. anyways prolly the wierdest coolest tournament Ive ever been to. good stuff to everyone. and thanks to jaha, tom, and thongboy for runnin thangs.

Good shit Soo. Nice to see you still ownin shit up even after marvel.

wow, almost top 3 korean. arario is korean right?

Kai: what up bro. sometimes I miss marvel. if I go to evo we’ll play for sure, or maybe before that if there is some tournament that brings everyone together.

Storming Flower: jeah josh “arario” is korean, tom is korean, and Im korean. everyone on the list is korean except Rip and Venom. 2nd got $250 gift card, 3rd and 4th got $100 gift cards.

Special Thanks to Tom, Josh (Arario), and Jaha for helping (read: pretty much running) with the tourney, it wouldn’t have been nearly the same without you guys. I’m looking at the bracket right now, and it was definitely over 100, I think we got up to about 110 by the time we cut off the signups. Way outta control.

Thanks for coming out, everybody. San Bernadino should be just as cool, if not bigger. VGL might be adding 3s and Tekken 5 to their main tourney lineup as side events, I’ll keep you posted. They’re seriously some of the coolest people I’ve ever worked with on this sort of thing.


question? players actually run the tourney? or best busy?

gg to placers, and rip and insomntek representing poly/mt. sac area.

I officially run the tourney, working for VGL. Best Buy is the sponsor.

There’s some sort of legal issue with Best Buy personnel having anything to do with the brackets, so I got hosed on people to help me run the tourney. Tom stepped up at Oceanside and saved the day, but this one was twice as big, so Josh and Jaha stepped up to assist.

They’re good guys, the lot.


I was there as well but kinda got screwed because I never heard my number being called out for my loser’s bracket match even though I was in or near the tent the whole time during the tourney. I’m somewhat pissed about it but I won’t care too much since it was a free tournament. JaHa and them were working like crazy trying to get that shit together. That turnout was unexpectedly big. I think I played Arario first round. Got my ass handed to me. :sad:

What were the results from the one in Oceanside?

Top 3 from Oceanside were:

  1. Devil X
  2. Ace R.
  3. tomhilfiger

damn. hella marvel players ownin shit up in Tekken 5 now.

those arent marvel players…

no, but the one on top is.

not too many marvel players in T5 that wont quit before they get a chance at being decent. both me and devilx were ttt players before marvel.

anyway Spike TV was there recording all sorts of stuff. they were recording the top 4 play haha. not the game tho, the players :xeye:

good shit soo tom and arariO

if tekken4 wasnt s uch a shitty game i probably wouldve never touched marvel :karate: i am a namco player, thats what i play best tekken and soul calibur series.

congrats to all those koreans jackin spots. koreans are too good in tekken :wow:

what’s good dad, good shit winning best buy torneo :tup: :tup: :karate:

good shit Soo handling batches

if you want more free money, i think theres another t5 tourney at the bestbuy in bakersfield.