4/24 MIT Boston Battle Royal Results! GGXX/CVS2/MVC2 VF4/SC2/TTT

Tourney was so-so it could of been better but to see a bunch of old faces and meet up with some out of state homeys was the best part of the tourney. Here are some semi-results untill Soulamatic posts up full results.


  1. Josh Wong “LZJ”
  2. Nestor Corchado “sage”
  3. John Caddles “JohnnyZEBRACAKE”
  4. Som D


  1. Josh Wong “LZJ”
  2. “Commy”
  3. Nestor Corchado “sage” (PICK SENT/COMMANDO!!! :frowning: )
  4. John Caddles “JohnnyZEBRACAKE”
  5. Josh Jodoin “AMinorThreat”:lol: :lol:


  1. Mouen “Megetta” (Damn Axl, remember you are on CT’s hit list now :wink: )
  2. James Austin “AmakusaShiroTokisiado”
  3. Josh Jodoin “AminorThreat”
  4. Chaz “Mynusdono”

unfortuently I do not know 3d results =(.
General Info:
-NY showed up late and missed MvC2 causing Josh Wigfall to do money matches with other players.
-John Caddles not recognizing Josh Wigfall bets him right away after NY’s entrance.
-Eric is a funny ass mofo and all of philly is chill as hell.
-Bracketing wasn’t great but shit can be worked out for next tourney(It is ok to float people =D).
-CvS2 became single round last minute due to time causing many upsets, though if you made it to winners semis it became 2 out of 3.
-Nestor and Josh both tired as fuck decided to just play one match for the hell of it.
-MIT knows more about xx then we thought, keep playing fellas! =D
-I took back my lost from Delvis at the last Fall River with a ocv against him in tourney =D, you know you’re my boy Delvis.

People post up thoughts and oppinions I don’t think this should be the last but I think we should work on from the last tournament. Also from what I hear a dvd will be released so buy it foo’s!

sounds like a fun tournament. I wish i couldve been there, too bad i had to stay home all weekend doing my take-home finals. Its a shame i missed out on this one, considering that there hasnt been any tournaments in boston for like 1-2 years.

Wish I could’ve been there. Next time, I’ll have money ;(

This tourney was dope! I think I’ll say “fuck” a few times just for the heck of it too. Shut up? I wonder what that means… :lol:

looks at top 2…u gotta be kidding me lol.

Nice Josh Wong, holding it down for Philly.

Also whoever had the mvc2 remix with 90’s dance hits such as “What is Love” please reveal yourself!

Sorry about missing MVC2, but ggxx was fun. R.I. & MIT really surprised me. Mouens’ Axl is so serious:eek:
anywayz. GGXX needs to die like it did in Japan. We want #Reload!!!

Chaz is my hero:D

do you have a full results? i got 5th place,my boy marco got 2rd in ttt tag good:cool:

Great tournament everyone, congratulations to all the winners

Nestor what were you thinking gambling K groove with me?

you know my k is still better.

Josh Wong = My Hero.

Derek Daniels

Yo Jason, how come you never come on aim? You also never sent me those vids you said that you would send from a while back.

But yo, if you can’t then it’s all good. It’s not that serious, hehe.

yo jason you were right brandon is asking about those sanford vids hahahaha

Huh? What Sanford vids? What are you talking about?


Hey, when the vids gonna be posted? I wanna see the CVS finals, lolz, whenever they ended… sometime sunday morning perhaps? :smiley:

We actually got out of there at a decent time, about 10:15-10:30!! I couldn’t believe it, first tourny I ever attended where it didn’t end after Frodo’s bedtime…j/k. All thanks to a little help from team Philly/Eric, and switching to single matches.