4/24 MVC, CVS2 (?) @ The Break Results!



1a. Josh W (msp)
1b. Desmond (storm/sent/other)
3. Mike D (storm other people)
4. Shawn (MS^2)


  1. mike d (c cammy/rugal/sagat)
  2. jerry hizong (k sakura/blanka/sagat)
  3. rob s (k terry/raiden/sagat/kyo)

they didn’t play mvc2 finals cause of time arcade was closing in like 10 mins guy wanted to go home you know how it is

cvs2 was a disaster was suppose to be round robin but like some people played 5 matches some 2 so i guess mike won who knows was more of just casual playing.

hope everyone comes next week for mvc2 and prolly some other game.


how did you let mike d take cvs2… was he RCing or just jumping and air blocking?


Who was coming from losers?

Good stuff


i dunno he’s really good good execution combing patient etc., i think the tournament was stopped tho because random jabs were coming out on left side i dunno or cause no one wanted to play anymore

desmond was coming from the losers i dunno who put him there tho was close matches for 3rd too


Damn, that avatar is ROCK.


damn i sucked ass terribly thursday…i should have beat desmond though…u lucky fuck grrr…yo i have to calm down when i play i get all mad and shit…i didnt mean and disrespect to mike or anything when i walked away…just when i was flying and unflying on the right side lk would keep coming out and it was aggrivating…ill bounce back…holla front…and ill be sure to bust out the crip amongst other things


i came from the loser’s…holla front…


Which one? :confused: :lol: