4/24 Regency Results

I just got results now from Justus (Chun Li’s Pimp), so I’m posting the results since he can’t, cause he’s banned :lol:

1st). SooMighty
2nd). MIKE FUCKING ROSS (shake hands, GGPO bitches)
3rd). Genghis
4th). Junior B
5th). Amir Amiramrirmiamriamrairsaleh
5th). Potter


Anyway, sounds like a great tournament. I’ll put the full results up when I get them.

Shake hands, ggpo.

Mike Ross is goin to win Evo2k4:eek:

Haha Carnevil beat me to the thread.

Well to add to his post.

MvC2(49 Players)

  1. SooMighty
  2. Mike Ross
  3. Genghis
  4. Amir
  5. Potter
  6. Junior

CvS2 (22 Players)

  1. Combofiend
  2. Amir
  3. Daniel Rose (San Diego)
  4. Lawrence Perales
  5. Warren “Evil Elvis”
  6. William Garcia

GGXX (16 players)

  1. Chaotic Blue
  2. ruin- (Las Vegas)
  3. Combofiend
  4. Ken I.
  5. Selfscience
  6. Def1n1tely

3rd Strike (12 players)

  1. Frankie3S
  2. pyrolee
  3. Hungbee
  4. Yi Wang
  5. Ken I.
  6. Amir

Fun tournament, although very tiring for me XD I don’t know what teams were used, so someone please post them. Thanks for coming out and hope everyone had funm, and watch out for tournaments for the friday night of E3, next month. Out-of-towners will be in So Cal.

mike fucking ross!!! stop beasting

gg and good job also to soo, potter, junior , clock and everyone else there…

thanks to kenny for running the tourney!

thx kenny. sticks were :frowning: but other than that tournament ran fast as fawk. hey, on the envelope of the cash prize, it says free large pizza. is this true? is it from the place next door? is there an expiration date? :smiley:

gg’s to everyone. it feels great to be the longest lasting hype ever.

OMGoodness…niiiiice Mike.

The Force is Great with you.

what teams were used in mvc2 and cvs2?

did combofiend use A-eagle/rock/r2 bison and amir use A-sagat/sakura/r2 bison?


good shit soo holdin it down

This tourney was great…got to meet a lot of cool people, had a great time before and during the tourney. GGs to everyone that played and will see everyone at the next tourney hopefully. Alright see you all later.


Sagat/Sakura/Bison = <3

With Sagat, it’s all about:

(mid-screen) Fierce DP -> activate, s. hp xx super


what were the teams played in marvel?

sorry about sticks and button problems. Regency is really trying hard to have all the sticks and buttons work perfectly, even replacing them with brand new 360’s right before the tournament started, but they still get complaints. If anyone can help me figure out what’s wrong, i’ll be more than glad to pass the information on to Steve. He’s really trying hard to please the players by adding prizes, like movie passes and free pizza to the place next door to the winners. As well as the raffles for those KOF shirts yesterday and as always the Discount cards to Pino’s Pizza next door. He really likes turnouts like yesterday’s(for Marvel at least), so he wants to improve the conditions on the cabinets, but no matter how much he tries, they’re still not 100%. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Soo: Congrats on the win, and yeah, just take the envelope to the Pino’s Pizza and they should give you a large pizza. You should be able to take the envelope anytime between now and the end of the year.

Damn Kenny, that’s way too good. It’s really good to hear about arcades actually catering to their customers, cause unfortunately there’s many that don’t (coughcoughCAMELOTcoughcough). If Regency cares about the concerns of their customers, it’ll do very well.

Mike Ross is the truth…nuff said.
powered by the demons of demons, and he did really well in two sets. good ish mike.

Soo: good job as usual.

Ruin: ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnn


Ruin is gay. I asked him, and he said “yes, i dress gay to make you happy mike”

Potts is the question - KI is the answer. to the grave, to the grave.

Selfscience, im down for money matches in air hockey. I will exploit your weakness.

fucking SOOperman jacked my large pizza and left me with a medium.

mike, lets play for 140.

air hockey will be at the next regency tourny.

Nice tourny Kenny. Everything was cool, with the exception of Cvs2 that lasted forever, but it was all good. The sticks weren’t the shit, but at least they work better than OTHER places. Good Cvs2 competition. K-groovers were raping with their Sagats and Cammies. I better start playing some Sagat. GGs to everyone. I imagine how tiring that was Kenny. It is good to hear that some people care about players (replacing the sticks, damn it). That’s good to hear. Keep those tournies coming.


Nice Kenny.

0-2 u suck