4/24: San Diego's SF4- 2v2 Team Tourney

Nope, I’ll be there in spirit though.

Work and other stuff > me

Guess ill see you at the con again lol…

Hmm, if no one’ll help me out I’ll see if I can get Ervin to play as my partner :rofl:

See you guys 'later tonight. :smiley:


wow what 2 v 2 format is that? looks fun but i’m kind of confused.

so each team has to win 4 games?

what happens if Z wins match 2?
i’m assuming then it is b vs z?
and you keep swapping until one team has 4 wins?

whatever happened to the standard 2 on 2 format:

team ab vs team yz

a vs y
b vs z

if a and b both win, or y and z both win, it’s over.

other wise, winners play each other?

i don’t really care what format we use. i’m just not sure i understand this one.

can you add me and Louie for that last spot? Team Third Strike

ill add you guys
there still more spots btw

show up around 7 30 guys

Hey Cody, did I leave my HDMI cable there? I can’t seem to find mine after unpacking. :S