4/25 -- DBQ BBQ 5 (Dubuque, IA) (HDR,SF4,SC4,GG,SSBB,TVC,3S)

– Saturday, April 25th
– 1:00 to midnight or so (place opens at noon, I’ll post if I can have it open earlier)
– Comic World (same place as last time)
– 2255 JFK, Dubuque, IA 52001
– $5 entry fee per tourney, $5 venue fee (free if you bring a PS3 with SF4/SC4/HDR OR TVC-ready Wii with TVC OR lag-free TV, please see below)

Most of the venue fee will go to the owner so we can have the place later than last time. Any remainder will be put into the prize money, none goes to me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Definite games:
– SF4 (PS3)
– HDR (PS3)
– 3S 2v2 (PS2)
– Brawl (Wii) (not sure if I’m doing All-Brawl or SWF Brawl, hell I might do both)
– SC4 (PS3)
– TVC (modded/Japanese Wii)

– AH2 (PS2) (I’ll need a setup for this and someone to run it)
– MVC2 (Dreamcast) (I’d definitely need someone to bring a setup for this)

Time permitting, we can run other tourneys, but I’d like to get through everything else first so we don’t end up cutting scheduled tourneys.


– 6 PS3s (at least 3 with HDR)
– 2 TVC-ready Wiis
– 1 PS2 with AH2 (if you guys want to play it)
– 1 Dreamcast with Mahvel
– (we should be good on PS2s for 3rd Strike/GGXXAC and Wiis for Brawl)

– 4 or more SF4 for PS3
– 4 or more SC4 for PS3

– PLEASE post if you can bring a lag-free TV. As of right now, I can get at least 4 standard TVs. I can’t imagine we’ll need more than 8 total.

– All tourneys double-elimination unless 7 or fewer people enter.
– BYOC, please.
– 2/3 matches for each pairing, 3/5 for semi-finals, 4/7 for finals.

– SF4: 2/3 rounds. Everyone allowed unless something gets broken in 2 months.
– HDR: 2/3 rounds. Akuma is now banned.
– 3S 2v2: 2/3 rounds, SBO style (1A and 1B vs 2A and 2B, 1A plays 2A one match, winner stays). Teams must have different characters and must keep characters through entire tourney.
– All-Brawl: 2 stock 3 minute, first stage random, losers pick afterward (can choose character OR stage, not both). All items (medium) and stages are on. Sudden Death WILL be played if match goes to time.
– “Itemless” Brawl: 2 stock 4 minute, items off. First stage random from Smashville, FD, Battlefield, Yoshi’s Island, Delfino, Pokemon Stadium 1. I’ll type counterpicks later if necessary. Loser picks stage, winner picks character, loser picks character. Percentage decides victor if match goes to time, if percentage is tied then Sudden Death will be played.
– SC4: 3/5 rounds, Algol, Yoda CAS/Bonus characters banned. Random stage (loser can pick “Retry” after match if they wish).
– TVC: Don’t lock the goddamned game up.
– GGXXAC: 2/3 rounds, no EX/Gold/Boss/Whatever characters.
– AH2: You guys would know before me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
– MVC2: Don’t pick the same character more than once, lock the game up, or stall out with someone’s retarded corpse.

Links to nearby hotels. Lots of them on Hwy 20, which is probably where the vast majority of you are coming from. Just did a quick search on hotels.com, I know there are more (and potentially cheaper) ones around.

Even though this is my birthday, I will still try to come to this.

Ill be 21 too lol.

Can’t wait, like always yell if you need help with anything. On HDR though just curious why 3/5 instead of the usual 2/3? It runs the same speeds as ST and it still took some time at the last tourney I was at with 2/3.

Let me know if the vs cabs are still gonna be there.

3/5 is weird in HD but I’m still down! 3/5 in street fighter 4 is just rediculous.

BTW I’m brining thuggish_pond… probably. I haven’t talked to him in a bit but he messaged me right away saying he wanted to go.

Also I can bring my usual PS3 setup, as well as a wii with tastsunoko and smash bros, however I do not have any extra controllers or converters, just a wiimote and classic controller.

Anyone down for a MM in HD Remix?? I’ll play any amount up to 50 dollars.

Yo Hogosha. Time and interest permitting, I’ll bring a copy and run AH2. I’ll make sure it’s run better than AHF last year… (ugh, I just had to remind myself! :sweat:)

I’ll see…

Man…having to do AHF round robin last year sucked. =[

But I’ll be bringing two TVs and I’ll also have AH2 with me.

I’ll see what I can do. I can’t provide nothin’, other than good sport/comp/whatever.

I can change HDR to 2/3. I think I’ve gotten so used to 3/5 on Ranked matches that I just started putting it like that without thinking about it.

Damn. This might be enough to get me to dust off the Sanwa…

We still need our Ken rematch from last year!

And the reason it’s 3/5 online is because both ranked matches and the online tourneys are all single games/single elimination. 3/5 in a double elimination would take a bit long. Can’t wait for this hope we get a ton of people!

I’m going to talk to Tsukihimieblood about going to this.

Once I catch wind of the head to head arcade cabs being present.

Birthday Humbag might just have to be here for this. :slight_smile:

It’s tentative for me. I might be taking the weekend before this off of work to go to a tourney in Austin, TX and I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to get this weekend off aswell. I’ll definitely try though. Had a great time last year.

Allowing everyone for SF4 until someone turns out to be broken. Keeping Algol banned more 'cause I’d rather go by National’s rules for the time being. If EVERYONE has Yoda on their consoles and people are alright with it, I’ll allow it. CAS/Bonus stay banned.

Hey Stu, if you show up for this, we need to mark out about what happened on the rassling shows the week before. TNA is optional too. Otherwise it’d be nice to meet someone from the Wrestling Forum.

Gonna do what I can to stay for the whole thing. It will be tough though.

Sounds like a lot of fun.

yay for akuma allowed

for a-holes who pick e.honda

I’ll pick him just for you!